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DESIGNER Yoon Hyung-geun

Yoon Hyung-geun is a designer who studied interior design and furniture design in Japan.

DESIGNER ordr studio

‘ordr studio’ is a team that promotes design with sustainability in mind. We try different designs through the inspiration and trend analysis we receive in our daily lives, and based on our different experiences, we try to solve the sustainability problems we face.


I'm Ahn Ji-hee, a talking designer. It aims to create a better society in conclusion by urging interest in social problems beyond products that improve daily discomfort or add aesthetics, or inducing behavioral changes accordingly. Through design results, I want to communicate with people and improve my individual quality of life.

DESIGNER archeology

Express the intended concept with the purpose of things and the physical properties of materials.

DESIGNER Shin Woochul

I would like to design furniture that revitalizes everyday space. With the aim of formative and practicality, we would like to make a wide range of designs, from simple and refined designs to unique designs.

DESIGNER by choi, minseok

"Find a way and make something.", Homo Faber. Designer by choi, minseok aims for a flexible attitude and all-round play that is not bound by material and boundaries.


Designer Kim Seung-joon is who designs wooden furniture products. He participated in various contests and exhibitions, and mainly does traditional and simple designs.


By seeing her work, memory blows, some moments in everyday life flash into your mind. It pulls you close to a feeling of pleasure, tenderness, and brightness. To memorize precious memory by painting is what she wants to share with people all the time, immediately feels love and simply say it out, ‘how beautiful'. She had a bachelor degree of Visual Communication Design (Hongik University, Seoul) and a master degree of Illustration (Kingston University, London). Worked with international fashion and product brands on illustration, design projects. Now lives and works in Seoul.


Unique design and handmade.
Share your feeling of precious moments with Likemono handmade.


LOWLIT COLLECTIVE is a repurposing studio that infuses new use into low-lighted objects and spaces. Gathering with a heart of cherishing the open greenness of the sea and the generosity of the soil, we create a sustainable production and consumption community through a virtuous cycle of resources.


NaneoTeam pursues user convenience. We would like to become a creator who finds inconveniences in daily life and instills competitiveness such as practicality, artistry, and life of products in various aspects. NaneoTteam is struggling to grow steadily together and create results that satisfy and sympathize with even consumers.


Studio HAK is a design studio founded by Lee Hak-min, a designer and artist based in Seoul, and presents works in various fields such as home decoration, furniture, art toy, and illustration. He majored in Metal Crafts at Kookmin University and Contextual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven. After that, he moved to Philadelphia, worked as a designer at Antropologie, designed mainly home decoration products, and is currently operating an independent design studio in Seoul.


rmrp is making a sensible and practical design on the base of our lives. he wants to give design value to our daily lives according to the goal pursued by the rmrp brand name (right message, right place), and design products that are always used to play a harmonious role in the surrounding environment through good design (proportional to color) and proper meaning.

DESIGNER Hyeok Roh&Jonggun Kim

Hyeok Roh&Jonggun Kim designs from tableware and kitchenware to furniture, lighting, sanitation, electronics and home appliances. They create and design the essence and value of the product. The closer you are to the essence, the more you can approach the design in depth.


Designer An So Young would like to observe the small and big problems that encounter in my daily life and solve them with design sensibility. She pursue a design that users can sympathize with with with various stories in the design.

DESIGNER islandooo

Islandooo, started in 2019, is a brand that delivers calm comfort and sympathy to adults who are lacking and clumsy based on simple graphics and two characters, 'easy' and 'back'. I want to create an object that can add vitality to my tired daily life with witty products.

DESIGNER Momentum Studio

Momentum Studio like to communicate with people through design. We want to discover the aesthetics contained in it and savor the value, not revealing the intention of the producer on the surface. Even if it's not stimulating, we want to make a design that proves the value that we have with lingering feelings in people's minds for a long time.


Our motto is "Let's be a butterfly dancing in the rain," where we play MacBooks and design by immersing ourselves in the expression, just as a pianist plays the piano, not an object that pretends to be happy.

We are trying not to lose the positivity of five emotions, "pure, pleasant, romantic, confident, and free."

DESIGNER house of heart

The image of the work what 'house of heart' think is imagination. Among them, she depicts a face image related to the house, and the feeling contains a pop art-style story in the picture.


DieGlau, which has been developing and designing products and furniture in various areas, has been participating in the design fair since 2019 and is always trying to walk a win-win path through collaboration with design companies and small business owners. As a designer, I always participate hard in creating and developing a brand together, and this time I want to make better results and take a step closer to our goal.