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Exhibition Theme

Valuable Life Making our daily lives more valuable and
more beautiful
Welcome to the 2023 DDP Design Launching Fair.

The 2023 DDP Design Launching Fair is a meaningful platform for designers and makers to meet, develop new products with designs that never existed before, showcase them online and offline, and enter the market as competitive products.

Now in its fifth year, the fair’s theme is “Valuable Life' and introduces products and lifestyles that makers and designers have been preparing and developing for a year.

From small items to spaces and lifestyles, trends and ideas proposed by talented designers are combined with the technology and manufacturing capabilities of makers to create attractive new products that highlight not only the industrial and public value of design, but also the hopes and messages for a better, more sustainable and beautiful life, and we would like to share them with you.

Especially this year, by holding the fair during Seoul Design 2023, we have aimed to further solidify its role and value as a prominent project in line with Seoul’s attractiveness, and as a project which is a reliable companion to makers and designers and adds to the charm of Seoul with new design products unique to Seoul.
We invite you to join us at DDP.
Together, we want to envision the future, share our hopes, and dreams.
See you at the 2023 DDP Design Launching Fair where possibilities become reality.

  • ddp 디자인페어 포스터
  • ddp Design Fair
    The DDP Design Launching Fair, marking its 5th year, is launching a design product development project where designers' new ideas and small business owners' clever know-how come together to create synergies. Under the theme “Valuable Life”, the fair is set to introduce experimental products in the living and beauty sectors.
    Event Name 2023 DDP Design Launching Fair
    Event Period 10 days from October 24 (Tue) tp November 2 (Thu), [2023 Seoul Design] period
    ※ October 24 (Tue): Pre-Open, Buyer's Day
    Venue DDP, Online Platform (www.ddpdesignfair.or.kr)
    Scale Collaboration - 60 teams, Launching Studios - 12 companies
    Hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government
    Organized by Seoul Design Foundation
  • DDP Design Fair Official Curators


    • 신태호 총감독
      Maezm Co-CEO
      Shin Taiho
    • 안강은 대표
      INNE Art Management CEOAhn Kang-eun
    • 정미 대표
      EON SLD CEOJeong Mi
    • 조은환 대표
      Maezm Co-CEO
      Cho Eunwhan
    • 하지훈 교수
      Professor, Living Design Department, Kaywon UniversityHa Ji-hoon


    • 김종완 소장
      Jongkim Design Studio OwnerKim Jong-wan
    • 박근하 대표
      Rooming CEOPark Geun-ha
    • 송봉규 디렉터
      BKID Design DirectorSong Bong-kyu
    • 오세은 팀장
      Lotte Department Store Team LeaderOh Se-eun
    • 이달우 대표
      Studio Maeum CEOLee Dal-woo


    The Possibilities of Design

    A designer's design “possibility” becomes a “reality” with the manufacturing capabilities of a maker.



    When designers think outside the box, change begins, our designs add value to our lives.

    Designers care about the minds of people who use things.
    They consider and analyze various problems such as spaces and situations, human living environments, and cultural phenomena from an aesthetic perspective to derive new solutions.

    Small Business Makers


    Maker’s technology is the realization of ideas, skilled manufacturing capabilities increase competitiveness.

    Makers pursue individual needs and the well-being of all through relative and idealized structures and patterns amidst the problems of mass production, where similar products are indiscriminately poured out.


    Design for all.

    We introduce new lifestyles by launching a variety of new design products that aim for a Beautiful Life for every member of the society.


    Participating Companies

    • 원플디자인(ZAI)
    • (주)포워크
    • 호네스
    • 로우리트콜렉티브
    • 주식회사 랩엠제로(언롤서피스)
    • 주식회사 퍼스퍼드
    • 애니락
    • 치공
    • 씨오지 주식회사(SANRO)
    • ㈜스튜디오얼라이브
    • 모온세일즈
    • 토이즈앤


    Compared to the exhibition’s existing role of promoting products, we enhance the company’s design value and competitiveness by suggesting lifestyle trends to consumers through Design Thinking that contains the brand’s unique design value such as ideas, processes and the branding process.


    Participating Companies

    • 코웨이
    • 누하스
    • 엘칸토
    • 새턴바스
    • 포워크
    • 헬리녹스
    • 수퍼빈
    • 나아바

    Young Designer Job Fair

    “with the Seoul Design

    young_design_banner seoul_design_banner

    “A career festival in the Post-COVID-19 era for graduating students
    with a design degree and job seekers in Korea." DDP Young Designer Job Fair

    DDP YOUNG DESIGNER JOB FAIR is a career festival for aspiring designers in universities and job seekers in Korea

    Since the beginning of the year 2020, everywhere in the world is under the effect of an unprecedented predicament caused by COVID-19. However, as it always has been, crisis can also be a time of opportunity. There are major paradigm shifts emerging in our society throughout economy, culture, business, educa tion, environment, and technology.

    Our everyday life is once again beginning to move forward with the 'New Normal standards. The concept of recruitment has already been changed; the employment and portfolio of a designer will be executed with a new perspective and method.

    DDP YOUNG DESIGNER JOB FAIR is about enjoying this new post-COVID-19 paradigm, challenging its imminent discussions that the prospective employees might face, and also sharing design career opportunities for all.

    DDP YOUNG DESIGNER JOB FAIR will be a festival for all prospective employers and employees, converging the online-offline platforms. We look forward to meeting you there.

    Go to DDP Young Designer Job Fair


    • Opening Ceremony
      and Awards

      Oct. 25, 2023 (Wed) 16:30 - 17:50
      DDP Art Hall 1 and Eoullim Square

      ㆍEvent Details

      Join us for the "Opening Ceremony and Awards" with [Seoul Design 2023].

    • B2B
      Buyer's Day

      Oct. 24 (Tue) – Oct. 25 (Wed), 2023
      DDP Art Hall 2

      ㆍEvent Details

      Get a chance to read the design trend firsthand, buyers from home and abroad coming to the birth of new products wherever that may be! A venue unveils for buyers who have been waiting for new products at and offers the business area for design companies.

    • Live Commerce

      1R: 10.25(Wed) 16:00~17:30
      2R: 10.27(Fri) 14:00~15:30
      3R: 10.28(Sat) 11:00~12:30
      4R: 10.28(Sat) 14:00~15:30


      DDP Art Hall 2

      ㆍEvent Details

      You can purchase the newly launched products from the DDP Design Launching Fair through live commerce.

    * Program details and contents are subject to change.

    2023 DDP Design Launching Fair BEST DESIGN

    • 제품이미지

      Studio Look at + Thinker

      Extension, a side table, reinterprets the feeling of space being expanded through the reflection on the floor. With 6-closed spaces, it conveys three-dimensional presence with a sense of openness. Designed with long and narrow sides, books can be shelved, and its functionality enhanced with a top board to place objects. Made of stainless steel, the extension projects the image of continuum through the reflection from a touch of polish and hairline. Moreover, by excluding environmental pollution inducing powder coating and coloring processes, thereby eliminating pollution and accentuating beauty of the material from within.

    • 제품이미지

      Yoon Kyung-hyun + Mudix

      As the direction of a radiator emanating heat to warm the inside during cold winter days can be directed by a user, the design aims to let users shine light where they desire and finely adjust the illumination to suit their style, creating a sensory and mood-enhancing atmosphere indoors. The grill part of the lighting fixture extends vertically in a unique way, creating a distinctive visual appearance. The front of the fixture offers control over white color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6000K, allowing users to create warm and inviting lighting for everyday life. On the back, 16 million RGB color temperatures can be adjusted, enabling the creation of special moods for various leisure activities after work. This design concept embodies the idea of a Two-Sided Stand Light.

    • 제품이미지

      Studio CONTOUR + Saehyun Tech

      The Circular Connection accessory tray is a modern and unique accessory designed in the shape of a circular pill. It combines striking aesthetics with functionality. The design concept embodies the notions of connection and harmony, providing a beautiful way to organize and store various accessories while enhancing the aesthetics of the space. Designed with various sizes and depths, it's ideal for storing a wide range of accessories, from small rings to necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The Circular Connection accessory tray complements any space and can be placed on a vanity, in drawers, on a desk, or in various locations to enhance interior decor. This tray is a perfect blend of functionality and design, making it a standout item that showcases the user's personality and elevates the overall look of the space. It's sure to garner significant attention for its combination of practicality and aesthetic appeal.

    • 제품이미지

      Si-san Lee + Designers Byung-seop Kim

      These products are designed by identifying the properties of discarded leftover materials, understanding their characteristics during the processing stage, and finding design aesthetics in the process. They are created by combining the discovered properties from industrial processes with forms that can serve as everyday objects. By drilling various sizes of holes or milling diagonal paths into discarded aluminum pieces that would otherwise be thrown away, new possibilities for functional products were discovered. Additionally, by bending industrial materials or joining them with bolts through bending techniques, the processed materials were used to create products that combine functionality and aesthetics.