Advanced Registration

This is the advanced registration page for in-person admission to the DDP Design Fair.
Register in advance to have early access to the exhibition.

Advanced Registration for DDP Design Fair


Category Type Visit Schedule Advanced Registration Period
Business Day Buyer Oct 19 (Tue), 2021 Sep 17 (Fri) - Oct 18 (Mon), 2021
Press Oct 20 (Wed), 2021
Public Day Visitor Oct 21 (Wed) - Oct 25 (Mon), 2021 Sep 17 (Fri) - Oct 25 (Mon), 2021
Job Consulting Only job seekers who have applied in advance Oct 23 (Sat) - Oct 24 (Sun), 2021 Sep 17 (Fri) - Oct 11 (Mon), 2021

※ Online pre-registration has been extended to 10/25 (Mon).

※ After completing online pre-registration, present the QR code at the unmanned kiosk of the exhibition hall, receive the registration bracelet, and watch the event.

※ If you wish to cancel your reservation or change your schedule after completing online pre-registration, please enter after registering on-site.

※ In the case of on-site registration, there are restrictions on admission according to the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines, so waiting time may occur.

※ You must arrive at the exact time of your reservation due to the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines.

※ Buyers and press members who are willing to visit on a different day besides the Business Day must register as visitors.

Guidelines for Registration

  • Buyer
    1. ㆍVisitors with a business purpose (Sole distributorship / Distribution / Wholesale and retail, etc.)
  • Press
    For whom
    1. ㆍNewspaper / Broadcasting reporter, magazine editor, etc.
  • Visitor
    For whom
    1. ㆍAll visitors who are interested in the DDP Design Fair
  • Job Consulting
    For whom
    1. ㆍProspective design graduates (the class of 2022) and recent graduates (less than 3 years since graduation)