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This is Haio Jang, a designer who is working on it while waiting for the day when you can freely walk with your child and hug your loved ones as much as you want.


Afterminites gets a lot of inspiration from tradition and expresses various traditions as furniture. Although it is beautiful enough, I would like to reinterpret traditions that are not used in everyday life as furniture, attract them into everyday life, create novel inspiration, and give users inspiration with tradition, and present them with time after that.

DESIGNER casadopera

Designer-Shin Dong Rim
A stage costume designer based on jogakbo pattern.

DESIGNER beforest

beforest is an 11 years of designer in the field of various kinds of goods design and design stationery. beforest persue practical and simple designs, and designs products that can be used for a long time, easily discarded.


Graphic Design Studio Attention POI provides visual media (brand identity, space, virtual media, print design, etc.) design services. Designer Hong Joo-hee has been organically working with partners in the graphic design field in Europe and Asia, including Korea, after completing her master's degree in graphic design at the Royal College of Arts (RCA).

DESIGNER Leemok Studio

Leemok Studio started a design studio this year after working as a designer at home and abroad.

DESIGNER hmd_seoul

Established happymaker design studio from August 1, 2006. Changed the name to hmd_seoul in March 2021 and has been designed for 16 years.

DESIGNER workaroundworks

workaroundworks is a design project group of Kim Hyun-ah and Lee Woo-seok that designs a new perspective based on the discoveries around us. We are working on a variety of things with the goal of conveying unique empathy by reflecting daily observations.


NAKESs is a sustainable fashion brand that uses eco-friendly materials and conducts eco-campaigns.


Kim Gye-ri is an industrial designer based in Seoul. Exercising creativity, inspired by nature and through infinite worldviews and interactions. Design differentiated sculptures, furniture, objects, and installations while reinterprets sustainable functions and values to meet modern needs.

DESIGNER Studio Heesoo.Kim

Studio Heesoo.Kim produces calm and intense sculptures of furniture, lighting, and objects.


HCLAB Inc. develops digital healthcare solutions that improve human health.
Our first brand is Keeper and the slogan is Always Keep Your Life.


H.O.U Design is a studio that designs pet furniture. We design not just a furniture for pet, but a product and place where you and your pet coexist.

DESIGNER Choi Seulgi

Designer Choi Seul-gi works on furniture and object design.
She would like to do a work that shows the quality of work and has the commercial quality that can be mass-produced at the same time.


Studio PESI breaks away from the framework of existing industrial design that can feel static and cold, and has "Vivid Industry," which pursues more diverse ideas and sensibilities, as its design goal. Through various design attempts, we would like to convey the lively and cheerful industrial design experience in our daily lives.

DESIGNER these things take time (tttt)

TTTT operates a design studio and a cafe & roastery. The design studio has been conducting brand design, spatial design, and furniture design. Since 2015, it has been launching and designing personal furniture brands and has been designing, producing, and selling them. Starting with a graphic designer, he is now planning and designing furniture, space, and brands. Based on his unusual career, he is also running a cafe and coffee roasting business.

DESIGNER Park Eunchong

The 'useful object' began with questions between the purpose of furniture's objects and the willingness to express themselves as creators. It is a formative language that uses the contrast between the vertical and horizontal cross-structures and the characteristics of different materials, and is about imbalance in balance, that is, "double-sidedness."

DESIGNER Jongwon Kang x Youngjin Shin

Designer Kang Jong-won and Shin Young-jin meet to create a new synergy. We would like to create new values based on various experiences accumulated in practice such as furniture, living, lighting, medical devices, and consulting.


I'm making furniture with a modern design that can be used in office spaces or at home. Focusing on the structure of form, conducting research that suits the role of functions and forms, and pursuing structural beauty. Design furniture with high immersion where you can feel the sources of various designs such as nature, architecture, and movies.

DESIGNER Pietra Preziosa

A designer, Yelim Lee launches PIETRA PREZIOSA a fashion brand based in Seoul, South Korea with an ambition to create her own clothes. She pursues minimalistic aesthetics with unique yet not overdone details.