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The Forest of Paper — Paper in the Forest
If you look through a microscope at the world of paper, it is in the form of a forest. We tried to express the form of a forest, which is the smallest unit of paper furniture. The form of a forest is translated into paper furniture and combined together to create paper furniture in the forest. Through the exhibition, you can take a look at the world of paper as if viewed through a microscope and experience the work that maximizes the ambiguity of the boundary between paper and forest.

Designer.POI Profile

Everything went smoothly during the collaboration since PAPER POP tried to make sure my ideas were fully respected and reflected and provided quick feedback on things that graphic designers tend to miss out such as package structure based on its extensive experience in production. I was also grateful about the efforts of PAPER POP for actively promoting the designer.

Maker.PAPERPOP Profile

Thanks to the unique and fantastic colors and illustrations of the artist who abstracted the forest world, the products were transformed into something we could never imagine from the existing products. I have gained a new perspective and learned a lot from this project.