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HMD Seoul x Hansung school furnture co.,ltd.

We came up with Forest Desk to create a flexible learning environment by arranging desks that can be used separately or together, just as trees gather to form a forest, in a rapidly changing environment of education. Forest Desk is designed to allow each individual desk to provide a large space to study even with a tablet on it and made six desks to be arranged in a circle so that several people can work together. In addition, we applied wooden castors for easier transport and a drawer for a space to store a chair. As a response to COVID-19, we also added an antibacterial film on the desk’s surface for sanitary reasons. Olive green is used as an accent color, and the desk legs are reminiscent of tree trunks. We want students who use them to feel like they are in a pleasant forest.

Designer.HMD Seoul Profile

It was a great opportunity to think deeply about the products of school furniture, which I have been interested in for quite some time. I hope that Forest Desk can reduce the gap between the changing environment of education and the existing student furniture. I would also like to develop other products besides desks. Please look forward to our new products that will cater the needs of the new environment of education.

Maker.Hansung school furnture co.,ltd. Profile

The time I have spent to think about the future of education was a new motivation for me. The series of processes for reflecting on the existing production process and finding a new method to implement the new design proposed by HMD will be a great asset for our future product development.