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Himalaya store + Treasure Plate

  • yakgwa Tea Coaster, jeolpyeon Pen Tray,Dasik Card Holder
  • Tea Coaster, Pen Tray, Card Holder
  • Tea Coaster, Pen Tray, Card Holder

The products, including the Medicine and Tea Coasters, Mooncake Pen Tray, and Multipurpose Card Holder, embody a trendy take on the term "K-Dessert." These items cater to both Millennial and Generation Z consumers and those from the middle-aged and elderly demographics, offering a menu and products that appeal to all generations.
With a focus on mass production of craftsmanship, they incorporate a traditional wooden material and are designed using CNC machining techniques (automated machinery). These products, with their traditional dessert-like shapes, demonstrate respect for the past while carrying forward the essence of tradition into the present.

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