Design incorporates objects, people,
ideas based on the small pleasures of everyday life.
Meet your Beautiful design world with the DDP Design Fair.

  • 2023 DDP Design Launching Fair Review ②

    Best Design Winners

    The top 60 teams selected through the judging of the launching curators and the collaboration curators received KRW 3 million each for prototype production costs for online and offline exhibitions, product studio shoots, and participant profile shoots, and the 60 selected products were exhibited at DDP Art Hall during Seoul Design 2023 from October 24 to November 2, 2023. In addition, the three best designs received KRW 5 million each in mass production support, the citizen's award winner received an additional KRW 2 million, and all four teams received the Seoul Mayor's Award and a chance to enter the DDP Design Store. Best Design4 winnersVIBE LADI LAMP Best Design: Mudix and Kyung-hyun Yoon In the same way that you can control the direction of heat from a heating radiator, you can direct the light where you want it to go and subtly adjust the light distribution to create a sensual mood. The grille part of the light emits a unique visual aura the longer it extends down vertically. The front has a white color temperature control of 2700-6000K to create a warm light for everyday use, and the back has an RGB color temperature control of 16 million colors. Accessory trays Best Design: Saehyun Tech and Studio CONTOURThe three types of trays are named Gravity, Carelessly, and Circular Connection to reflect their respective characteristics. Gravity, inspired by the organic shape of indented memory foam; Carelessly, featuring horizontal lines running from a circular indentation; and Circular Connection, representing connection and harmony in the form of round and oval pills, come in a variety of sizes and depths to organize and store rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories. Made of aluminum in muted tones, the tray is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, blending into vanity tables, drawers, and more for an impressive and decorative addition to your home.Extension Best Design: Thincker and Studio Look at “Extension” is a new interpretation of a side table that expands the space through the reflection on the surface. It conveys a small sense of openness and a three-dimensional feeling of the gaze in the confined space of six sides. The narrow and elongated design also considers usability by creating a column for books and a top for objects. Made of stainless steel, “Extension” creates the illusion of an endless extension of the structure through the hairline finish on the column and the reflective effect of the polished finish on the bottom. In addition, processes such as powder coating and staining that can cause environmental pollution were excluded, emphasizing the natural beauty of the material. XCIX Best Design (Citizen Award): Si-san Lee and Byung-seop Kim The designers designed objects such as pen trays, pencil holders, and business card holders by finding discarded materials, understanding their properties, and finding design aesthetics in the process of processing them. By drilling holes of various sizes and cutting diagonal paths in discarded aluminum chunks, new possibilities for goods were discovered, and the results are serene and impressive, stripped of unnecessary clutter in a clean, edgy sculptural language that doesn't stop at functionality. The goods, which also fulfill the role of objets, add a special touch to our monotonous daily lives. 

  • 2023 DDP Design Launching Fair Review ①

    Finding the value of coexistence in design, “Valuable Life”

    The fifth edition of the DDP Design Launching Fair was held for 10 days from October 24 to November 2 at DDP Art Hall 2 with the theme of “Valuable Life” for sustainable living.   This year, the fair showcased products that fit the theme of "Valuable Life," a realistic and serious theme for the environment and people. As a fair that showcased 60 outstanding collaboration products developed through collaboration between makers and designers, as well as newly launched products from 12 domestic and foreign design studios. The attractive design products, ranging from small items to spaces and lifestyles, where the trends and ideas of talented designers meet the technology and manufacturing capabilities of makers, showed not only the industrial and public value of design, but also the hope and message of a better life and a sustainable and beautiful life for us.   Makers and designers meet to create new design products that never existed before   The Collaboration Hall, showcased 60 new products created by small businesses and designers, includin sustainable products that combine design with thoughtful awareness for people, the environment, and the planet.   The Launching Hall, which showcased new products from design studios that incorporate ESG and sustainability, featured 12 companies that were selected through a judging process to showcase the best and newest products that are constantly evolving with excellent manufacturing technology and idea-filled design.   In addition, at the opening ceremony of the DDP Design Launching Fair, a total of seven teams won awards with three teams awarded Best Design, one awarded Best Design [Citizen’s Award] , two awarded Best Activity , and one awarded Best Launching. The opening ceremony marking the beginning of the festival, and domestic and overseas buyer days, a place for “design business”, and on-site live commerce, where you can get one-of-a-kind products in real time, were held to support the market development of the launched products. 

  • 2022 DDP Design Launching Fair Review ②

    Best Design Winners

    On August 18, 2022, out of the 180 teams that were matched through the online matching platform, the best 120 products were selected through expert judging based on the planning, ideas, and products of the 166 teams that submitted physical products.Out of the 120 teams, the top six teams were selected through expert judging and one team was selected as having the "Best Design" through online voting open to the general public. As the winners of the Seoul Mayor's Award, these teams will receive various support to mass-produce their products.   Best Design 7 winnersSquare Candle Transforms into a Candle HolderDrawing Candle + Jeon MinwooWhen you light a candle, a subtle scent spreads across the space. There is a brilliant idea hidden inside the packaging, which expresses the spreading of the scent metaphorically with a gradation of pastel shades. The packaging transforms into a candle holder. Even if you don't have a candle holder, you can assemble the packaging made from flame-retardant paper and use it as a disposable candle holder. Square-shaped candles, which come with four different fragrances, floral, woody, herbal and citrus, look beautiful when they are stacked on top of each other and are more advantageous than round-shaped candles in terms of storage, shipping and inventory management.They provide not only the convenience to sellers but also the joy of buying a candle and getting a candle holder for free to buyers. The leaf seriesAgo Studio + Jeon HyunghoJust looking at the appearance, it is hard to tell that this is a side table. It is because the Leaf Series, which are designed in an organic form with flexible curves, breaking away from the vertical and horizontal structures of existing mass-produced furniture, feature an architectural technique called cantilever structure. A cantilever, which is a beam that is rigidly fixed at one end and free at the other, is considered as an efficient and effective structure to express and deliver various forms without any limitation, and for this reason, it was adopted as a product design element. This product can be used as a functional element of furniture and a decorative element as an object. The Leaf Series was produced precisely and quickly with a CNC engraving machine for parts, which were difficult to produce in large quantities in the past due to their flexible curves.AtomicageLIGHT.FAB + Momentum StudioAtomicage, a piece of lighting that makes people amazed at its uniqueness at first sight, combines a cage frame with a shape inspired by the atomic structure. It is based on a lighting protection structure, which is a concept designed to safely protect the inner center by forming a spherical shape with circular frames around the light bulb. The frame’s fixed axis can be adjusted with a wing bolt. The design allows easy replacement since it returns to the form of a concentric circle when the fixed axis is loosened. It attracts attention not only in industrial settings, but also within any space as a unique home and living object.Rhetoric Cutlery Setrhetoric + Roh&Kimrhetoric is an eco-friendly lunch box brand that practices zero waste by using 100% biodegradable bioplastic materials. Roh&Kim and rhetoric teamed up to make a cutlery set for users who cannot give up aesthetic value while practicing zero waste. rhetoric's lunch box unfolds a design story based on our repetitive daily routine and recycling through the shape of circles. The cutlery set was designed with the design language of “circles”, which connect the design story and context with rhetoric’s lunch box. The spoon, fork and knife, which are simple and well put together, can be stacked on top of each other. With the design focused on portability, a loop connector ring can be attached to the hole at the end of the handle. It is a product perfect for those who try to make small changes to fight climate crisis, especially when the use of disposable products is becoming increasingly limited.Unstack SeriesONE-THIRD + Almond StudioIt is a lamp that has the coldness of stainless steel and the warmth of wood. The light spreads softly and gives a sense of coziness. It is made of stainless steel bowls, one of the most common second-hand kitchen utensils stacked up along the Hwanghak-dong Kitchen Furniture Street. Discarded and abandoned bowls have been transformed into an impressive lighting piece. Additional carbon emissions and wasted parts were minimized through a relatively simple processing method. It can be used as a pendant light and also a table or floor lamp, thereby offering flexible practicality. ONE-THIRD’s philosophy of upcycling was added to the design of Almond Studio, which creates new values through the urban manufacturing industry, to create a product that embodies the identities of both teams.Erosion ProjectYuxa Studio + COCSNatural landforms we usually see are the traces of layers accumulated over time. Nature constantly creates new shapes through wind weathering, volcanic eruptions and wave erosion. Erosion Project was created with the motif of ”the lines of nature” from these landforms. The bath mat, which was created as a result of experimenting materials such as diatomaceous earth that absorbs water, serve the purpose of both practicality and aesthetics.DOMOAcplanet + loistoThere is a cabinet that is completely different from other cabinets and shows what outside-the-box thinking really is. Other cabinets available on the market require the act of opening and shutting the door. On the contrary, DOMO adds more fun with door motion by changing the way of how to open and shut the door. The acrylic door is also an eye-catching element because it is possible to create almost infinite combinations of colors with the coloring technique. Users can select a gradation color to freely express their individuality and taste, and enjoy a calming atmosphere in the space because of the acrylic panel’s transparency.

  • 2022 DDP Design Launching Fair Review ①

    A journey with design, Beautiful Life, the richness and beauty of life.

    The passionate and playful collaboration between makers and designers has resulted in the creation of new, one-of-a-kind design products that will make many people's lives richer and more beautiful.   The DDP Design Fair, now in its fourth year, introduced products and lifestyles that makers and designers have been preparing and developing since early spring under the theme of “Beautiful Life”.   In particular, the DDP Design Fair, which was held at DDP Art Hall 2 for 10 days from October 18-29 during Seoul Design 2022, welcomed visitors to the Collaboration Hall, where 120 outstanding teams of makers and designers were launched, and the Launchpad Hall, where 21 companies and 69 brands launched new design products.   The results of passionate and playful collaborations between makers and designers   The Collaboration Pavilion, which adds practicality and aesthetics through the collaboration of makers and designers, showcased 120 outstanding makers and designer teams. In line with the theme of the 2022 DDP Design Fair, "Beautiful Life," we were able to see products made for a beautiful life that coexists between people and the environment, such as "Square Candle" (Drawing Candle, Minwoo Jeon), a flame-resistant package that transforms into a candlestick, and "Erosion Project" (Yuxa Studio, COCS), a bath mat from natural materials that resembles natural objects.   Suggesting a new lifestyle with a touch of fun, Launchpad Hall introduces K-design through new product launches with quirky ideas and global sensibilities. “Design for all” - A space where you can quickly and stylishly meet various design products that present a beautiful life for everyone, the Launchpad Hall features 19 design studios, the Seoul Design Startup Center, and the 2022 Young Designer DDP brand, each with their own story to tell. 

  • 2021 DDP Design Fair Review ②

    The Three Winners of Best Design Award

    At the previous fair, 106 maker-designer teams showcased 106 new products that had been developed through collaboration over five months. We were able to see a variety of products reflecting our changed lifestyle, such as a one-person chair made with 3D printing technology, corrugated cardboard furniture that can reduce waste and a home décor item featuring design elements from hanok. Among them, the seven winners of the 2021 DDP Best Design Award were selected by design experts and a public vote.Among them, we would like to introduce the three winners of the Seoul Mayor’s Award.  

  • 2021 DDP DESIGN FAIR Review ①

    Design Products Created by Local Designers and Makers

    A young designer has ideas for product design while a maker has manufacturing skills. What kind of synergy can we expect from combining the two? We were able to see products created by designers and makers in person at the DDP Design Fair, which marked its third anniversary last year. Designers who were seeking manufacturing support were paired one on one with makers who were looking for design ideas to create innovative products that have never existed before, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government provided support for mass production and marketing. Last year’s fair, which was held at the DDP Art Hall 1, featured 106 teams of makers and designers along with small and medium-sized design studios and companies leading the design trends. During the last exhibition, which was held with the theme of “Wonderful Life: The beauty in everyday life makes our lives much happier”, visitors were greeted by a total of three pavilions, including the Collaboration Pavilion that showcased products created based on the collaboration between designers and makers; the Launching Pavilion that featured products of small and medium-sized design studios; and the Trend Pavilion where visitors can get a glimpse of Design Thinking of companies leading the design trends. The Possibilities of Design Demonstrated by Designers and MakersSince it held its first in-person exhibition in two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, participants and visitors were filled with excitement. What especially captured our attention at the scene was the content with the themes of single-person household, companion animal, home office and eco-friendly products. 64 small and medium-sized design studios participated in the Launching Pavilion, which featured products that bring simple pleasures to modern people who spend most of their time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and live an independent lifestyle. What also caught the eye were new products that support a wide variety of hobbies, such as home dining, cooking, pet caring, gardening and outdoor activities. The Trend Pavilion with the concept of “Meet Our Future of Design” provided visitors the opportunity to experience products of companies, allowing them to experience the design value of each company in person. The main focus of the DDP Design Fair was the Collaboration Pavilion, which showcased the results of the five-month collaboration of 106 teams of makers and designers who demonstrated the possibilities of design. Along with the result of collaboration between designers and companies specializing in materials such as concrete, paper, and plastic, there were also a variety of products reflecting our changed lifestyle, such as The Butterfly (Studio Plastic x Jh Studio), a one-person chair made based on 3D technology; Workshop Stool (Studio PESI x PAPER POP), corrugated cardboard furniture that can reduce waste; and Light Now No. 1 (Makemake x Hwangduck Engineering) for those who work at their home office, showing off their unique personality to the visitors.

  • 2020 DDP Design Fair Review

    Design Trends - Furniture

    S2VICTOR x TAMKENS2VICTORA Joyful ProcessWe dream of happiness and hope to find happiness. The design process with TAMKEN was really fun. We are still thinking about our future, whether to work on clients’ projects or live as an artist to tell our own story. Even though the collaboration with TAMKEN — especially the process of creating the mock up — was intense, we’ve learn a lot.xTAMKENTAKE MAKE ENJOYTAMKEN will proceed with its own design along with various exhibitions, multi-brand stores and market research to develop design furniture differentiated from others, and is making efforts to showcase distinct products through collaborations like the DDP Design Fair. We strive to create products that are differentiated from existing industrial products with a story expressed in morphological language.Isy Design Studio x PlantreeIsy Design StudioA Process of Finding Novelty through Design ThinkingWe dream of designing lives, everyday lives and ourselves in a world where design is not special but a part of our daily lives, and design thinking becomes our daily routine. These days, we realize the importance of things we took for granted. The small gratitude for breathing, living and romping around freely despite the risks associated with disease and pollution makes our lives more precious and valuable. We took one step at a time. We like the fresh feeling of new proportions, forms designed to express the functions and the new functions supported by the technology. Our products start to resemble us before we know it. We yearn and crave for new designs, and we want to go on a journey to find novelty.xPlantreeFurniture with Its Own Identity Loved by Many PeopleWhile I was studying design, I learned how to make furniture by chance. I was fascinated by furniture making because I could turn my idea into a piece of furniture, which led me to start a business right after graduation. There are numerous furniture brands in Korea, but it is very rare to find brands with their own personality. Even though the reality is harsh, I hope to create and nurture a brand with my own identity and make beautiful furniture more accessible to more customers at a reasonable price, rather than focusing on creating unique artworks. Currently, I am making a lot of furniture myself but when we scale up our business, I would like to have a well-organized production system and focus on developing new products or conducting research on furniture.Doyoung Choi x LunicoDoyoung ChoiCrossing Boundaries between Industry and CraftI am working as a designer at Workshop H, which not only specializes in artistic projects but also design consulting and collaboration with companies in various fields. I am also working on my personal projects by designing and making furniture myself. I want to keep creating artworks that embody practical and modest beauty based on a life of constantly making valuable and beautiful objects and a sincere attitude toward life, without lies or exaggeration, by crossing boundaries between designer and artist; and industry and craft.Seona Im x SolenoSeona ImA Time for Discovering the Values of Everyday LifeI’m trying to take my own path slowly but steadily. I also want have a positive influence on others.To have a positive influence on others, I need to be a well-rounded, relaxed and insightful person. These days, I am spending time rediscovering the value of my daily life in a situation where things I took for granted are no longer guaranteed. Due to the constraints on outdoor activities, I have come to realize the value of taking care of myself as I tried to focus on myself by perceiving time, space, smell and sound in a totally different way, and I will continue to seek ways of treating myself better. I have always liked paper, and I love the moment when colors, letters and shapes meet paper. I have always wanted learn and study more and keep telling stories on paper. I am currently working as an educator, researcher and graphic designer.xSolenoAudience Seats with a Distinct DesignWe are a company that develops, manufactures and installs audience seats in concert halls, auditoriums and multiplex cinemas, and the unique design of audience seats is considered as one of our core competencies. Therefore, we develop the design of audience seats with a competitive edge in collaboration with local and global furniture designers rather than relying on designs developed by in-house staff. Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world earlier this year, we have witnessed a significant decrease in sales resulting from irregular operations and economic losses of movie theaters and concert halls, which are our target market.However, we are launching and marketing the smart seating system (seat control system + indoor air quality management system) we have been developing for several years earlier than the schedule to overcome the current situation for survival and prepare for the post-COVID era. In addition, we are targeting domestic and foreign markets by developing a design for a new audience seat called Soleno Flex with a feature for enhanced privacy in the audience space.

  • 2020 DDP Design Fair Review

    Why this era needs the DDP Design Fair

    In 2015, makers and designers came together and made their first attempt to transform and bring luster to Euljiro — an underdeveloped and marginalized area with unlimited potentials — with the name of “Euljiro Lightway”. The event was the result of the collaboration between Euljiro lighting stores, young residential artists, Jung-gu Office, the Seoul Design Foundation and college students majoring in lighting design and aimed to revitalize Euljiro, which now serves as a distribution channel of cheap imports, as the center of the lighting industry where production, sales, purchase and consumption take place at the same time. In 2017, <By Euljiro>, a part of “Euljiro Lightway” project, was hosted by the DDP to discover the possibilities in developing and revitalizing the ecosystem of Euljiro’s lighting manufacturing sector, which mostly relied on the distribution of lighting. In 2018, merchants based in Euljiro and Dongdaemun and designers worked together to open the “Dongdaemun DDP Design Market”.Based on the four years of collaboration, the DDP Design Fair was held in 2019 to revitalize the manufacturing sectors besides the lighting industry and prioritize the selection of industry sectors with great potentials to display products in collaboration with designers by identifying Euljiro’s ecosystem structure consisted of the six major manufacturing sectors. Based on the previous achievements, the 2020 DDP Design Fair expanded its scale and scope by attracting other manufacturing sectors and encouraging participation of makers in various fields. Taking today’s high youth unemployment rate and low survival rate of youth entrepreneurship into consideration, the fair discovered competitive young entrepreneurs and makers to ensure their sustainable growth by offering full support for design, branding, marketing and ways to enter the market.