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  • Designer Diagonal Thoughts
    Diagonal Thoughts is a design studio that works at the boundaries of various fields along with architecture through space, design, and thinking. Through collaboration with talented small business owners, we support to develop not only a more delicate and functional but also a meaningful prototype design as a product. I think that not only architecture but also any field can create new possibilities through healthy collaboration.


    2015~ The current CEO of Diagonal Thoughts
    2015. 01. the design of "Hip-to-Hip House"
    2016.02 Pyeongchang-dong "B1 house" design and furniture design.
    2017. 05. Culture Station Seoul 284 Invitation Exhibition "Time Traveler's Clock" The name of the work "Door, Open Time and Space"
    2019. 05. Design and production of wooden furniture series such as "Self01" and "table01" / currently on sale online.
    2019. 10.Participate in the 9th Minimum House Invitation Exhibition "What is your minimum house?"’
    2020.10. Finalist of the Gwacheon National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Pavilion Project.
    2020.10 Design of Digital Nomad Untact Center and Furniture Design in Seocheon-gun.
    2020.12. Participated in the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art's "Olympic Effect" exhibition.