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  • Designer beforest
    beforest is an 11 years of designer in the field of various kinds of goods design and design stationery.
    beforest persue practical and simple designs, and designs products that can be used for a long time, easily discarded.


    2011.02 Joined the antenna shop (Branding and product design)
    2015.01 Joining I Thinkso (Branding and general merchandise design)
    2017.03 Maxim WHITE GOLD kit
    2017.03 Multi-CubeTech Brochure Design.
    2018.02 Seedbox Design
    2018.12 Cheonyang P&G Hanji Series Bag Design.
    2019.03 Ghana Energy Branding Work.
    2019.07 Blyamie brand bag design.
    2020.10 Branding and miscellaneous goods design.