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  • Designer OFFOF
    OFFOF think design is "make it minimal, and try", boldly separate what to throw away and what to leave behind from the product and eliminate unnecessary elements.
    OFFOF focuses on the nature of the product and try newness beyond the existing standard. Off of think about the meaning of a product to people.


    8 years of active experience.
    - 2016. Coway / Multi-action air purifier design.
    2017. Eugene Medicare / Spectra Baby Bottle Disinfector Design
    2018. Coway / Triple Power Air Purifier Design
    2018. Coway / Slim Heart Air Purifier Design
    2019. Dongyang E&P / Eclair EV Charger Design
    2019. VC / Voice Caddy Golf Watch Design
    2019. Coway/Double Filter Air Purifier Design
    2020. CHUNG HO Nice / Water purifier design.