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    Afterminites gets a lot of inspiration from tradition and expresses various traditions as furniture. Although it is beautiful enough, I would like to reinterpret traditions that are not used in everyday life as furniture, attract them into everyday life, create novel inspiration, and give users inspiration with tradition, and present them with time after that.


    2018. Hongik Univ Graduation Exhibition First Prize
    2019. Penthouse Interior / Styling
    2019. Cheongdam Upper House Community Interior / Styling
    2019. Namhangang River Villa Interior / Styling
    2019. A cafe in the U.S Colombia Interior / Styling
    2019. Magam COEX Fair Main Exhibition Hall
    2020. Furnitureminutes (Youtube)
    2020. Afterminutes (Furniture)
    2020. Chairminutes (Chair Contents)
    2020. Raan Bang (Interior / Styling)
    2020. COEX Rookie Artist Selection Individual Exhibition
    2020. 300,000,000 won in Furniture Sales due to Styling Requests
    2020. Hannam The Hill Interior
    2020. UNVILLAGE Styling
    2021. Galleria Foret Penthouse Interior / Styling
    2021. DDP Design Fair Young Designer
    2021. Trimage Styling

    2018 Art Future Team Exhibition.
    2019 2nd Art Future Team Exhibition.
    2019 Cheongju Craft Biennale Finalist
    2020 DDP Design Fair.
    2020 3rd Art Future Team Exhibition.
    2020 Haribo Individual Exhibition.
    2021 Now & Us Material team Exhibition.