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DESIGNER FROMHENCE Lee Kyuhyeon Make the right product for a reliable society.
A compound word of [FROM ] and [HENCE] meaning “from here” and “why,” shows that we will create and build our stories “from here,” or “from now on.”
DESIGNER Jaeha, Lee Lee Jaeha makes and studies objects that are used for a long time with designs that go beyond the characteristics of the property by using various materials and processing methods having trees as its base.
DESIGNER Sunmin,Park I am artist Park Sun Min who uses glass as the main material and works on various techniques. I’ve been working on the Artist Upcycling Project, ‘Re:bottle’ since 2014. Currently, 70 to 80 percent of the work is done using waste glass containers as work materials, and 20 percent of the work is made of craft glass materials to create various daily craftwork.
He enjoys mixing and matching various materials such as metal, wood, ceramics, and glass, and presents the design results to reveal the various techniques of glass and the characteristics of each material.
DESIGNER Makerone, Woo-one Jung Jung Woo-one, who studied Design Products at the Royal College of Arts in England, originally majored in robotics.
Based on this experience, he uses engineering as a tool to freely go back and forth in the field of design and art. He does a lot of work as an artist. And as an engineering designer, he collaborates in various fields such as fashion, space, and products with artists and various design brands.
DESIGNER HwaYoung, Seo Designer Seo Hwa Young agonizes over various ways of telling stories and tries to deliver them effectively. These days, she is thinking about the harmony between our lives and objects.
DESIGNER Five Comma, Hyejin Jung Five Comma uses the Weaving and Tapestry method to make fabric handmade. We use various materials to create new fabrics, and we are expanding the possibilities of fabrics through various installation and production. Five Comma hopes that fabric is recognized as an object in space and appreciate its beauty in itself rather than be thought of for just its “usability.”
DESIGNER Ra-droom, Geunyoung Kang, Ina Yoon I pursue the warmth of light and the comfortable space I want to stay with the motif of “Good Landscape with Feeling.” The products of the Ra_Droom are faithful to their original functions but naturally permeates into people’s daily lives, becoming intimate objects and something that one likes. Daily design, modularity, sustainability. With these three as the focus of product production, lighting professionals who have been thinking about lighting for a long time do everything from design to production in Korea.
DESIGNER HOOA, Jihong Park Designer Park Jihong , the art director and founder of HOOA, considers simple, witty, and insightful designs important. He participated in overseas exhibitions such as Milan Design Week, London Design Week, New York Design Week, and Art Basel with various projects such as 3D comb, Ami Rocker, and Big Fold, and his design works were introduced in a number of books and magazines. Based on various experiences in Los Angeles, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Lausanne, he established HOOA in Seoul in 2017 and is engaging in various activities such as space, furniture, product design, and art directing. He also teaches students at Shingu University.
DESIGNER Jungmo, Kwon I’m designer Kwan Jungmo, and I create designs that reinterpret the materials and techniques that are common to us to suit modern uses.
DESIGNER Milli-Inch, Teano Yoon Milli-Inch is a combination of millimeter and inch, which are units of length. It is a design company that pursues accurate dimensions, reasonable design, and technical skills. Milli-Inch focuses on furniture and works with manufacturers to create a brand of novel and reasonable design furniture. Currently, I am working as the design director of the new material mattress brand COZAN and am working on branding, product planning, and product design.
DESIGNER OFFOF, Hyunjin Park The design that OFFOF thinks is ‘cutting and trying.’ Boldly separate what you choose to leave and throw out and remove the unnecessary elements. Our design focuses on the nature of the product and tries to create something new beyond the conventional model. OFFOF thinks about the meaning of products to people. To do this, I’m not afraid to meet new people, look for new products, and interact with them. We share and research the experiences that products give us through interaction and improve the products. This is what we think innovation is, and this is how we’re going to complete the new product designs.
DESIGNER Makemake, Bong-gun-Sin The most important criterion of Makemake is ‘the empathy of desperate needs that come from experience.’ We move with strong empathy for our own needs or other people’s needs as a motivation. When people deeply sympathize with different thoughts and needs in their minds, they set directions based on them. When we do that, from experience, I realized that we could have a driving force that wouldn’t wear out, come up with good solutions, and make valuable products.
We believe that a true ‘beautiful’ product is a product that incorporates not only the beauty of its appearance but also the insight into the nature of the product, the understanding of the environment and the people that use it, the knowledge of materials and the production processes, and the concerns and responsibilities of efficiency and cost. Although the work that is made in the field may not be noble or elegant, it is a sturdy, practical, and empathetic product. That’s what Makemake wants to make in the future.
DESIGNER ATELIER SOHN, Doenghoon Sohn Sohn Doenghoon is the founder and designer of ATELIER SOHN. I graduated from the Department of Design at the Korea National University of Arts. I developed my ability as a designer at Samsung Electronics for about six years from 2010 after my two years of Samsung Design Membership activities (2009 - 2010). Through various projects that span the fields such as smartphones, laptops, and wearable devices, we have carried out not only product design but also user experience design.
DESIGNER Kim Heesoo Studio, Heesoo Kim, We pursue a design that can give the audience a sense of calm and freshness.
This is a studio that mainly works on lighting, small furniture, and objet.
DESIGNER Studio Alive, Dong-gyu Heo Studio Alive is a product that encompasses the life of pets 24 hours a day, and is a brand that aims for a healthy and happy life for pets and pet owners, and strives for a better life for pets through the development of proper products according to animal behavior.
DESIGNER Howlpot, Jung-geun Ahn, Dong-ryul Im Howlpot is a group that supports the right to design companion animals. With the brand concept of ‘Home furnishing for Companion Animal,’ we design to show consideration for pets. When making products, we keep it a top priority to applying an equivalent value to our product and the products used by humans. We consider our product as companion animal products rather than pet products.
DESIGNER Bondo, Yeonjae Do Bondo is a place where the values of crafts and industrial products coexist. Common everyday thoughts are overlaid with the language of our workshop to create objects with good use and aesthetics to empathize with everyone.
DESIGNER Harlie K, HyungJeong Kim Harlie K is a social venture that cares about the environment and the marginalized local economy. As a prospective social enterprise that develops designs that incorporate recycled/green materials and provides upcycle product production and education services, it increases the value of resources and enables eco-friendly consumption for a better planet.
DESIGNER GONGYEGA, Youngmi Kwon GONGYEGA started from the thought, “Finding the scattered art pieces and add them to fill the empty space.”
I think about and suggest what we need to have in between the margins. The ‘GONG’ in ‘GONGYEGA’ stands for ‘empty,’ not ‘create.’
GONGYEGA tries to increase its value by excluding decorative items from practical objects.