2020 DDP Design Fair Theme Hall

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Possibility & Reality
The core element that forms the culture of the current industry is the fusion of technology with clear function and purpose and art with outstanding expression of nature.
The current design industry has achieved a revival of design with elements of individuality and sensibility through the process of mass production, and is playing a role in forming a culture in society and forming values beyond aesthetic taste. Through this process, various products are produced and consumed, and various trends are emerging reflecting the times. For a better life, humans have focused on the convergence of sensibility and technology, and today they are creating a new paradigm by interpreting the areas of “consumption” and “life” as design issues or social trends.

In 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic era, the concentration on objects close to people has become stronger, and the tendency to value them has become prominent. On the one hand, as the topic of diversity, we yearn for freedom without prejudice and are experimenting with the possibility of a better life. The emphasis is on life in art, experimenting with creative possibilities beyond the value of materials.
Interior products that provide a more certain presence in an era when everything is uncertain are evolving into an art that gathers wisdom harmonizing various fields and gathers in nature, enjoys life with value, and revives traditions, and with the image of a group that acts separately and together.

Their collaboration
The combination of a designer and a maker enables a mixture of the old and the new, and a new interpretation of the classic era and the present. Subtle aesthetics and calculations combined with skill create small innovations familiar and easy to permeate life. Designers and makers turn possibilities into reality.

Still natural
Sustainable design is continuously reflected, and interior trends of furniture, lighting, and living items in 2021 focus on sustainable design. You will experience not only the feeling of being in a forest, but also the attempt to bring a forest into the interior.

Separately and together
The chaotic atmosphere caused by COVID-19 makes us to aim a neat style to organize the compartments and a minimalist form without superfluousness, and to enjoy including functionality in products that is easy to combine and separate.

New and diverse
Newer and more unique materials such as eco-friendly materials appear. With attention to novelty, diversity, and infinite scalability without boundaries, it becomes an era where individuals choose rather than follow a particular trend.

The connection between humans and nature, Neutral
The heyday of living approaches as the preference for neutral colors that connect humans and nature, technology and modernity increases, and as the interest in housing increases.

The importance of materials and finishes
With a style that stands out with handicrafts and textures, a personal story becomes the material and finish of the important product design. Ideas of designers and craftsmanship of artisans create luxurious products.



Designers’ free ideas and creativity start the new and the design turns our environment into a background of free life.

Designers value the act of use more than the act of making.
Creative acts that focus on principles and phenomena are responsible for using various creativity by thinking and analyzing when solving problems of space and situation, human living environment, and cultural phenomena.
Designers must create new value and be able to present future possibilities.

Small Business Owners


We look forward to the development of a more realistic and value-oriented production system that considers culture and environment.
Small differences made by small business owners make our everyday life a better environment.
Products have been standardized as they undergo a process of shifting production methods from a single item to a large quantity.
The standard took root as a form representing production, and this absolute function was based on the encounter of design and machine. Small business owners did not hesitate to change into a unique structure and pattern in a relative and ideal way in a situation surrounded by the problems of mass production indiscriminately scattering functionally similar products in order to satisfy individual needs and well-being beyond the desires of society. We look forward to the development of a more realistic and value-oriented production system that considers culture and environment.