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Eundam Studio + Designer Chaeyoung Lee

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The "Archiving Tray" is a three-tiered archiving tray consisting of individual trays of varying heights. It embodies the theme of "archiving time" in its method of production and user experience. The traditional craft technique of layering, known as "joomchigi," was utilized for its durability, which was then systematized to enable mass production. By layering six or more sheets of hanji (traditional Korean paper) to create a large sheet, and then cutting it to standardized sizes, the strength of product is increased, revealing the texture of the hanji, and implementing the concept of "archiving time" during the production process.
The compressed firmness of the hanji challenges the traditional perception of its softness, allowing users to experience the uniqueness of material. The three tiers of trays are progressively sized and colored, creating visual depth and offering versatility in selecting the size based on the archiving subject.

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