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Heee + Designer Chaeyoung Lee

  • Curly
  • Gardening Object
  • Gardening Object
  • Gardening Object

With the goal of viewing plants from more diverse angles, we designed a vase that can display plants in a different location. Specifically, we wanted to select a wall space to give tension to the plane with a thin line. The "Curly" series is inspired by the organic curves the stem has, expressing intersecting, overlapping, and nonlinear movements.
Free curvature increases productivity using cnc bending technology, and complements the three-dimensional effect by adding a textured surface finish to stand out as an object in a flat wall environment without plants. The internal structure was manufactured to function as a vase that can insert real flowers, increasing the sense of use such as water treatment and water replacement. The structure was made with transparent sla 3d printing to prevent interference in the formulation.

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