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Somin Craft Shop + HSJG

  • 2023 Burner
  • 2023 Burner
  • 2023 Burner
  • 2023 Burner

This is a tableware set inspired by the Goryeo Celadon Hwahyunggi, a traditional ceramic vessel, which was reimagined to infuse a modern touch with a Joseon white porcelain ambiance. The set is designed to target the younger generation.
Through market trend analysis, a matte finish was employed to achieve a contemporary look. To address the issue of scratches commonly associated with matte products, a special glaze with a stoneware texture was developed, resulting in a distinctive surface texture different from conventional matte items.
The design concept is "Floral Urban Beauty." This set embodies a unique concept where the modernity of the city harmonizes with the beauty of flowers. Even in the midst of urban landscapes filled with modern architectural designs and infrastructure, the beauty of nature can still be found. It represents the meeting of urban flowers, and the design showcases lively floral-shaped tableware.

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