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4th place + Leemok Studio

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We are aware that plastic recycling is crucial in addressing environmental pollution issues, but often we tend to point to larger entities like major social enterprises or countries as the key actors in this effort. However, society is ultimately composed of individuals, and small changes in behavior and perception, moving beyond the belief that personal efforts won not make a difference, can ultimately drive significant progress towards the sustainability we desire. We aim to find positive connections for the awareness that we all have a close relationship with plastic. Just as a mirror reflects various images depending on what it shines upon, plastic can either end up as waste or be given a new life based on how we use it. This artwork emphasizes that we are the agents of action by connecting recycled plastic with self-awareness. Instead of eliciting negative emotions like helplessness or guilt about things we can not do or our past actions, we encourage a mindset that focuses on the good we can do. By looking at recycled plastic, we hope to foster the perception that small participation is enough and that one can make a positive impact.

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