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Mooayoo + Leemok Studio

  • Cloud Step Cat Tower
  • Cat Tower
  • Cat Tower
  • Cat Tower
  • Cat Tower

Living brand Muayu, dedicated to pets, is developing a Cat Tower designed specifically for senior cats. They collaborated with the renowned furniture design studio, E-MOK Studio, to undertake a design project tailored for aging felines. The Cat Tower is designed to resemble furniture that seamlessly blends into a pet of owner living space. It is crafted using premium-quality Mulbau wood, offering a luxurious appearance and texture.
The design incorporates a unique structure that combines five leg supports with three vertical panels, creating a curved, structural shape that sets it apart from traditional designs. To ensure comfort for both senior and young cats, a universal design concept was applied, keeping the height between the leg supports relatively low.
Additionally, cushions were designed to cushion joint impact. This cat tower aims to provide senior cats with a comfortable and healthy place to rest, and it is also suitable for younger cats.
The expectation is that it will offer a relaxing and healthy environment for senior cats to enjoy.

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