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OUTRO + Viacollective

  • UU
  • Coffee Table, Stool
  • Coffee Table, Stool
  • Coffee Table, Stool

This coffee table and stool design is tailored for small households (1-2 people) with consideration for the modern lifestyle. In today of world, the routine of enjoying a cup of coffee at home in the morning or after work has become a small source of happiness for many people. Even though it lasts for just a few minutes in the morning, creating a good environment for this precious moment is important to those who value it. This table product features a unique detachable laminate component, allowing users to freely change its color to match their preferences and the season. While public tastes change quickly, and trends evolve rapidly, furniture products like this are often challenging to update easily. Although it is a small part of the overall design, changing the front accent color is akin to changing a phone case, it can bring a change in the indoor atmosphere and the mood of the people. The basic version is made from ash wood with paint, and the premium version is crafted from maple and walnut wood. There are also plans to produce a series of plywood versions in the future as part of a mass production line.

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