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OSOF + Designer Youngjin Cho

  • Deposition-Stool
  • Furniture
  • Furniture
  • Furniture

The Deposition series is a project created using 3D printing technology to produce furniture from OSOF’s recycled plastic materials. It is based on a scenario where discarded plastics are deposited and used to design furniture, incorporating elements like land and rocks generated from the deposition of these waste plastics. The process of layering and outputting various pieces of recycled plastic is likened to the deposition process, and the unique texture of the resulting output is metaphorically referred to as strata. In traditional layer-based 3D printing, the layers generated in the output are typically considered a technical limitation and are often sanded down or covered up. However, the Deposition series actively embraces this as a technique for expression. In particular, through the Deposition project, the design of furniture serves as a representation of our close relationship with the plastic era in our daily lives. Through this collaboration, new side tables and stools will be created.

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