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Mowol + Designer Hee-won Jeon

  • Stripe. H Stripe.L
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["A Home of Tranquility"]
"Stripe.L" and "Stripe.H" embody the essence of "tranquility" that feels like a vacation in a resort. These products are designed to help create a space where you can comfortably work and relax at home.
Since the space within a home is often limited, we have integrated the healing qualities of a vacation into it. In doing so, we aimed to create warmth and tranquility through sustainable products that enhance versatility in their usability.
The tabletop and vertical supports are designed to visually eliminate artificial elements and highlight naturalness by combining various parts. "Stripe.H" and "Stripe.L" come in two versions: one for use as a table and the other for lounging. They are designed to bring a sense of relaxation to various spaces, harmonizing with the surroundings and offering a sense of tranquility through the comfort they provide.

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