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9E:83 + SOT

  • Pops Chair
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The Pops Chair is a chair designed by recycling industrial rubber hoses. Rubber hoses are commonly used in industries and daily life, and they pose difficulties in waste disposal due to their rubber composition. The idea behind the Pop Chair was born from the concept of giving disposable materials a second life. Through the recycling of rubber hoses, it symbolizes the fusion of nature and human activity, represented by the mixing of various colors of paint on a palette. This concept is embodied through the creation of simple and organic patterns using rubber hoses in various colors.
The frame of the chair is made from a steel mesh structure, with each section filled with colors in a pixelated fashion, giving it a 2D graphic feel. To represent the blending of paint in a three-dimensional way, different knotting techniques were used to add texture. The Pop Chair is an environmentally conscious product that aims to create new value through recycling rubber hoses, allowing nature and people to coexist harmoniously, particularly relevant in this period of growing interest in environmental issues.

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