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Gnamu + Designer Soo-yeol Yoo

  • toenmaru Chair
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As an adult, I have often missed the times as a child when I sat on the porch at house of my grandmother, eating watermelon or taking a nap. I designed the cafe chair or solo tea chair with the intention of expressing a sense of space in the smallest of spaces, a chair, so that users can experience leisure and relaxation.
The main feature of the chair is the seat. Two long pieces of wood resemble a porch, and the angles on the seat are designed to induce comfort when seated. The asymmetrical seat allows you to feel a sense of space, and you can also use it to place clothes, bags, or a tray for placing teacups.
In a cafe setting, it can be used to hang bags or outerwear, while in the case of a solo tea chair, it allows you to quietly sip tea while gazing out the window with the tray.

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