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K.J design, Sofashop + Designer Seungtae Jang

  • Story of Chair
  • Furniture
  • Furniture
  • Furniture

This is a story about the production of chairs. As chair makers, we began to question whether chairs could exist independently of their surroundings, and we decided to convey that the act of making chairs cannot be disconnected from our relationship with the environment and its impact. Using the ubiquitous plastic chair, produced in a quantity equivalent to the entire population of world, as a reference, we created sofas of the same size and quantified the remaining sponges to form the substructure of chair. The furniture created thus serve as functional objects that convey both functionality and concept.
The juxtaposition of the hard plastic chair and the soft sponge visually highlights to users the amount of materials beyond what is visible in the manufacturing process of chair, conveying stories beyond the physical space. This work aims to represent us, the chair makers, and serves a unique role in raising awareness of our social values and environmental consciousness.

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