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Himalaya store + FLAVOR

  • Vase, Tray
  • Vase, Tray
  • Vase, Tray

With the end of the crisis phase of COVID-19, most of the pandemic control measures have disappeared. However, the long-term social distancing measures have led to decreased contact and interaction, resulting in a phenomenon known as the "corona blues" due to the heightened feelings of depression among many people.
The product LINK aims to provide emotional stability and comfort to many people who are feeling lonely. It allows them to easily grow companion plants in their homes, offering more than just the value of a simple product by providing solace to those dealing with melancholic emotions.
Furthermore, it incorporates an eco-friendly wooden tray with a modular design and utilizes 3D printing for mass-production of vase components. This approach enables customization for each consumer and mitigates environmental pollution caused by excessive mass production through traditional plastic injection methods. It embodies sustainable value throughout the production process.

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