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  • Designer ATELIER SOHN, Doenghoon Sohn
    As a designer, sometimes as a writer and as a person, I have a desire to be a small example for someone. The life we live in has no correct answer, and there are many paths and choices, but the experiences I have could be an examples to the people around me, exert a good influence someone to solve the problems or become the driving force of life, and I also would dream of a world where we live together with those people.


    2020.9.28.-10.30, Exhibition 100%, Donghoon Son, Jeongseop Kim, and Jin Yoo
    2020.5.19.-6.20, Modern Craft + Design in Metal, Donghun Son, Jaeik Lee,
    2020.2.01.-8.31, Recycling product and service design consulting in Smart City, Super Bean Co., Ltd.
    2019.10-Present, Product and Service Design Advisory, Korea Institute of Design Promotion
    2018.8-Present, Milan Design Week 20th Anniversary Project, WallpaperSTORE* UK
    2019.9.7.-10.31, Gwangju Design Biennale Exhibition, Metal furniture design and exhibition
    2018.10.18.-10.22, Biennale interieur 2018, Exhibition of metal and glass tray objects
    2017.05-2017.11, Art Directing, Vacheron Constantin 2017 winter season design

ATELIER SOHN, Doenghoon Sohn