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Exhibition Theme

Wonderful Life The beauty in everyday life makes our lives
much happier
People all around the world are going through the most difficult time of their lives. As many people are still suffering from the pandemic and being isolated, the power of community spirit and the understanding of culture is becoming more important. Now is the time when we need to weave art into our daily lives to get through a hard life with grace and beauty. Although the reality is grim, we should know how to make our daily life beautiful. When we make every day count, our life will be much happier.
Countries around the world including Korea are seeking ways to boost the domestic market in the post-COVID era. The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the most economically vulnerable — makers and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) — for the past two years, however, we feel as though we are still walking through an endless fog since it is hard to predict how it will play out. Under these circumstances, the DDP Design Fair is seeking ways to provide support and measures for designers and makers and finding design’s role in bringing light to the society during this depressing time.

The recent trend of consumption is shifting towards the phenomenon of possessing products with great value, wonderful things that bring joy to our lives, instead of the behavior triggered by a “want” for something.

The 2021 DDP Design Fair is an effort to support Korea’s design industry, especially designers and makers, to restore weakened consumer confidence. It also serves as a venue for people to exchange design ideas and carry out projects with trend-setting companies in the design industry. Sometimes, it becomes a business show that presents the company’s future vision through the company’s social value related to the design’s value and design process. Thanks to the collaboration between makers and designers, we turn that possibility into a reality, launch design products that have never existed before and introduce a new lifestyle through a concept room that features products in collaboration with design companies. It will be held with the theme of “Wonderful Life” to provide an abundant and joyful life to people.

New and Innovative Products
We will create unconventional products based on outside-of-the-box thinking and robust and high-quality products based on innovative design to share them with Seoul residents and participants from home and abroad and contribute to improve weakened consumer confidence.

Valuable Products
During the 2021 DDP Design Fair, we will introduce new products that not only preserve the value of nature but also consider the most socially disadvantaged such as the disabled and elderly as they are based on new values and philosophy differentiated from existing products.

Entertaining Products
We will focus on giving the pleasure of “doing” that goes beyond the pleasure of “seeing” by applying a variety of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to facilitate mutual communication between products and customers and communication with other customers through products.

- DDP Design Fair Chief Director Gil-hyung Lee -
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  • ddp Design Fair
    The 2021 DDP Design Fair is expected to be held in this October. With the theme of “Wonderful Life”, designers and
    makers have collaborated with each other and taken a pleasant journey together since this May.
    Name of Event 2021 DDP Design Fair
    Date Oct 19 (Tue) - 25 (Mon), 2021 and available online all year round
    Location DDP Art Hall 1 and also held online
    Participants Over 130 teams
    Host Seoul Metropolitan Government
    Organizer Seoul Design Foundation
    Partners KFDA, Design Press, mdesign, JoongAng Ilbo, NAAVA, NOUHAUS, SAMHWA PAINT, SATURN BATH, superBin, ELCANTO, coway, 4WORK, Helinox​, Wadiz
  • DDP Design Fair Curators

    • 이길형 총감독
      Chief Director
    • 한경하 대표
      Lifestyle & Living
    • 손동훈 대표
      Lifestyle & Living
    • 정미 대표
    • 이강현 교수
    • 하지훈 교수
    • 박정호 대표
    • 김나영 대표


    The Possibilities of Design

    We launch design products that have never existed before based on the collaboration between designers and makers.



    Designers’ free ideas and creativity start the new and the design turns our environment into a background of free life.

    Designers value the act of use more than the act of making.
    Creative acts that focus on principles and phenomena are responsible for using various creativity by thinking and analyzing when solving problems of space and situation, human living environment, and cultural phenomena.
    Designers must create new value and be able to present future possibilities.

    Small Business Makers


    We look forward to the development of a more realistic and value-oriented production system that considers culture and environment.
    Small differences made by small business owners make our everyday life a better environment.
    Products have been standardized as they undergo a process of shifting production methods from a single item to a large quantity.
    The standard took root as a form representing production, and this absolute function was based on the encounter of design and machine. Small business owners did not hesitate to change into a unique structure and pattern in a relative and ideal way in a situation surrounded by the problems of mass production indiscriminately scattering functionally similar products in order to satisfy individual needs and well-being beyond the desires of society. We look forward to the development of a more realistic and value-oriented production system that considers culture and environment.


    Design for all.

    We introduce new lifestyles by launching a variety of new design products that aim for a WONDERFUL LIFE for every member of the society.


    Participating Companies


    Compared to the exhibition’s existing role of promoting products, we enhance the company’s design value and competitiveness by suggesting lifestyle trends to consumers through Design Thinking that contains the brand’s unique design value such as ideas, processes and the branding process.


    Participating Companies

    • 코웨이
    • 누하스
    • 엘칸토
    • 새턴바스
    • 포워크
    • 헬리녹스
    • 수퍼빈
    • 나아바

    Young Designer Job Fair

    “with the Seoul Design

    young_design_banner seoul_design_banner

    “A career festival in the Post-COVID-19 era for graduating students
    with a design degree and job seekers in Korea." DDP Young Designer Job Fair

    DDP YOUNG DESIGNER JOB FAIR is a career festival for aspiring designers in universities and job seekers in Korea

    Since the beginning of the year 2020, everywhere in the world is under the effect of an unprecedented predicament caused by COVID-19. However, as it always has been, crisis can also be a time of opportunity. There are major paradigm shifts emerging in our society throughout economy, culture, business, educa tion, environment, and technology.

    Our everyday life is once again beginning to move forward with the 'New Normal standards. The concept of recruitment has already been changed; the employment and portfolio of a designer will be executed with a new perspective and method.

    DDP YOUNG DESIGNER JOB FAIR is about enjoying this new post-COVID-19 paradigm, challenging its imminent discussions that the prospective employees might face, and also sharing design career opportunities for all.

    DDP YOUNG DESIGNER JOB FAIR will be a festival for all prospective employers and employees, converging the online-offline platforms. We look forward to meeting you there.

    Go to DDP Young Designer Job Fair


    • Business Meetings with Buyers

      Oct 19 (Tue), 2021

      Part 1. 10:00am - 12:00pm

      Part 2. 14:00pm - 17:00pm


      DDP Art Hall 1
      The entire meeting space

    • DDP Best

      Oct 21 (Thu), 2021

      14:00pm - 15:00pm


      DDP Art Hall 1
      Special Stage

    • Young

      Oct 23 (Sat) - 24 (Sun), 2021

      11:00am - 17:30pm


      - Establishing a career road map through individual personality type and strength diagnosis.

      - Self-introduction essay & resume writing coaching service

      - 1:1 job consulting


      DDP Art Hall 1
      Customer Support Office

    • Public Participation Program

      Oct 19 (Tue) - 25 (Mon), 2021

      11:00am ~ 17:30pm


      - Come and try SuperBin’s Nephron, an AI robot that collects circular resources

      - We offer a variety of gifts to everyone who brings recyclable cans and plastic bottles to our event.

      - Please check out ddp Design Fair Instagram for more details on how to participate.


      DDP Art Hall 1
      Oullim Square

    Design Seminar

    Session 1. Design marketing

    • ㆍDate

      Oct 22 (Fri), 2021 14:00pm - 15:30pm

    • ㆍLocation

      DDP Art Hall 1 Special Stage & DDP Design Fair’s YouTube Channel

    • ㆍProgram
      1. furniture & object
      2. Ionedesign Inc. Founder Choi Hoonkyu
      1. Besides products, what else do successful crowdfunding projects sell?
      2. Looper Inc. Founder Lee Youngwoo
      1. Design, How to Sell?
      2. NoTag Inc. Founder, CEO Choi Woong

    Session 2. Design trend

    • ㆍDate

      Oct 23 (Sat), 2021 14:00pm - 16:00pm

    • ㆍLocation

      DDP Art Hall 1 Special Stage & DDP Design Fair’s YouTube Channel

    • ㆍProgram
      1. Turning waste into money. Making recycling fun.
      2. SuperBin Inc. Founder, CFO Fori
      1. 2022-23 Color Trend.
      2. Samhwa Paints Ind. Director of the color design center Lee Sanghee
      1. Home Appliance Trends of 2022 for Wonderful Life
      2. Coway Inc. Senior Researcher Lee Jihyun
      1. Reading the trends will lead to a successful job search
      2. Job Search Strategies in 2021
      3. DDP Design Fair Career Curator Kim Nayoung

    Public Participation Program


    A public participation program with SUPERBIN, turning waste into money

    • ㆍDate

      Oct 19(Tue) – 25 (Mon), 2021

    • ㆍLocation

      DDP Art Hall 1 Oullim Square

    • Meet SuperBin’s Nephron, an AI robot that collects circular resources and presents a new experience to the recycling culture!

    • We offer a variety of gifts to everyone who brings a transparent PET container to our event.

    • 혜택ico

      Pencil Made from Recycled Newspaper, Recycling Campaign Postcard

    • 혜택ico

      DDP Towel

    • 혜택ico

      DDP Design Fair Market 10% Discount Ticket

    Best Design Awards

    • 2021Best Product

      The Butterfly Studio Plastic x Jh Studio

      The Butterfly was designed with a motif based on the movement of a butterfly, dynamically fluttering its wings. It features high-degree curves in the connection of the armrest and backrest. There were some difficulties to shape the curves with the existing production system, however, we could solve this problem with 3D printing. This project helped us discover the potential of furniture manufactured by a small business based on the collaboration between a maker specializing in 3D printing technology and a small design studio. Even a complicated design can be implemented without large-scale facilities. It is also possible to reduce or expand the production capacity with more flexibility. Storage and labor costs can drop dramatically but also eco-friendly production is possible. It is considered as a process suitable for the era of hyper-personalization.

    • 2021Best Product

      Light Now No.1 Makemake x Hwangduck Engineering

      We focused on the characteristics of the material (pipe) and used modular hinges to give many different options for use. The height, angle and overall position are not fixed so the form can be adjusted according the user’s personal preferences. It offers various combinations of different types including stand, wall-mounted or floor type, and the overall design is completed with simple linear elements.

    • 2021Best Product

      Incense holder DSLSM x Likethix

      Be Better, Bincense
      “Bincense” — an incense holder for your better self — is a product that burns an incense stick and helps you empty your mind of complex thoughts and focus on one important thing. By using the metaphor of “gentle tides and waves” for a person emptying and focusing his or her mind, the design shows the balance between its simple but elegant appearance and eye-catching elements. We used metal materials to highlight the features of the design and make the product stand out in the space as an object.

    • 2021Best Product

      Ikseon Dining Chair Afterminutes x Outro

      Ikseon Dining Chair is designed with the motif of an almost forgotten tradition, Ikseongwan, the official crown for the kings and crown princes of the Joseon dynasty. The chair incorporates the key elements of Ikseongwan: the elegant curves; the shape resembling the wings of a cicada; and manggeon, a netting headband always worn with Ikseongwan. We hope Ikseongwan, which is brought into our daily lives, can still retain its dignity, and we are looking forward to seeing the beauty of Korean tradition in someone's house, not in a museum or a TV show. AFTER MINUTES takes a lot of inspiration from tradition and expresses various traditions in its furniture. It reinterprets tradition that has disappeared from our lives despite its beauty, brings it into our daily lives to create new inspiration, offers inspiration from tradition and gives the gift of time to users.

    • 2021Best Product

      Series of modular furniture pieces TTTT x Give&Take

      We propose a series of modular furniture pieces that cater to the changing lifestyles of people. We designed pieces of furniture that can be described with a variety of modifiers tailored to different people or different situations, instead of different spaces, such as “convenient to use in a variety of situations”, “appropriate height with many uses for various spaces”, “necessary when people gather together”, not pieces of furniture that are described with typical modifiers such as “designed for your new place”, “designed for your office”, “designed for a restaurant”, “designed for a café”, “designed for an airport”, “designed for single-person households”. The first product of the modular furniture series is a table and bench set with a universal and basic design. This modular furniture piece can be combined with various parts and transformed or expanded into a table, dining table, sofa table, bench or book shelf depending on the user’s space and situation. It is expected to be widely used even for commercial or public spaces since it can be expanded along the curved space or wall endlessly according to the user’s environment.

    • 2021Best Product

      Porcotta Studio Mindeulae x Sunceramic

      Porcotta is a set of flower pots based on the unique vibe of two types of clay with different properties. The combination of refined silk white porcelain and terracotta — which is very close to natural — presents a new balance of beauty. We tried to give a unified look for flower pots only made of terracotta without a bowl on the top by inlaying white clay into the grooves etched on their surface. The holes on the top are inspired by Sunuimi Ceramics’ signature openwork technique and the plum blossoms of Dancheong. It can be displayed in various ways based on the user’s purpose since the bowl on the top is easy to separate and the whole set of flower pots are designed with different heights to create a sense of rhythm.

    • 2021Best Product

      Poly-light Intenxiv x Sejeonsa

      “Poly-light” is a portmanteau of polyhedron and light and was manufactured through 3D printing processing technique that can maximize geometrical beauty. This technique dramatically lowers the cost of the planning stage and can implement a form that is almost impossible to create with the existing mass production process. The light source placed in the center of the polyhedron can be controlled through an intuitive action of tilting the product to have the shape and amount of light desired by the user based on the characteristics of polyhedron. The piece of lighting can be placed on the table or hanged from the ceiling, depending on how the user wants to use the product. In addition, all parts including the light source are standardized and can be replaced according to the user’s preference.