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ooarchive x Studio AZIC

Fragrance is an element that represents the taste and individuality of each consumer. We would like to propose a home object design that reflects the user’s taste and evokes emotion, a holder that can be used for both scented incense sticks and candles.
The main concept of the product is “circulation and flow”, and the contrast between the image of “rising” smoke of the incense stick and the image of “dripping” candle wax is reflected in the structural feature which allows the product to be used in both directions. The top part functions as a tray as well as a candle holder. With the modular pieces of the tray that can be separated and recombined, it can be used for various purposes depending on the intended use and the desired mood. It comes in various materials and colors for customers with all different preferences and needs.

Designer.ooarchive Profile

It was great to experience the entire process from product design to manufacturing and production in collaboration with AZIC. It was really helpful to learn many things from various craft work made of wood materials which were quite new to me.

Maker.Studio AZIC Profile

Our goal of this project with ooarchive was to create prototypes and mass-produced products. We were both satisfied with the final result since everything from design to production went very smoothly based on seamless communication with each other. Even after the DDP Design Fair is over, I would like to continue working with ooarchive to make innovative and practical products.