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niceworkshop x Lowlit Collective

<REST IN PIECES CHAIR (hereafter RIP)> is made of fully threaded bolts and plastics most commonly thrown away as construction waste and household waste. Niceworkshop and Lowlit Collective put together the byproducts that are produced and thrown away throughout our lives from the cradle to the grave to create one of the most commonly used everyday furniture — a chair — which captures the experience of returning the pieces of waste back to our lives.

Designer.niceworkshop Profile

Our collaboration with Lowlit Collective allowed us to combine different materials to create a design that delivers the value of each material more powerfully.

Maker.Lowlit Collective Profile

Lowlit Collective and Niceworkshop is a team that both have abilities as a designer and a maker. We were confident about the result of our collaboration since we had a lot of experience in domestic and international collaborations and are always open to fresh ideas. During our collaboration with Niceworkshop, we continued to plan and work without boundaries, and we hope to explore further collaborations after this project.