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Hyeok Roh&Jonggun Kim

ClosetMate Ver.2.0 was designed using simple modeling and fabric materials suitable for the usage environment of clothing care products.
ClosetMate As a major change factor from Ver.1.0, the difference in Shape and material is simple in Ver.2.0, but it is made up of curves so that the light is absorbed naturally from the product itself, and at the same time, the detail is completed by grabbing the sections on both sides. Thus, the density of the Shape was increased, and the housing material was used of fabric than finished with general plastic to create a sense of luxury.

Designer.Hyeok Roh&Jonggun Kim Profile

By matching with a good small business team, we analyzed the product in Ver.1.0 together and proceeded with the identification of elements that could become USP. We were able to improve the level of collaboration. It was a good experience to learn about important coordination in collaboration and the process of building trust with each other.

Maker. Profile

CLOSETMATE is a new category of product that takes care of the space where we store clothes, which has been neglected until now. I would like to have an opportunity to seriously think about how to efficiently manage clothes, one of the most common items people purchase, in accordance with the changing environment. I was grateful to have a wonderful experience of creating a beautiful product through collaboration.