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Susveneer x Picasso Furniture

Plywood is commonly used for furniture, and the shape of plywood has been standardized for a long time. Therefore, the change of plywood means new furniture. We would like to propose plywood with a new concept, SECOND PLYWOOD, which overlaps stainless metal with high-strength color MDF board. SECOND PLYWOOD create a synergy that complements the strengths and weaknesses of each material and will provide a different experience to consumers with its slim shape and refined material. With SECOND PLYWOOD, we made two types of stools, traditional span and classic span, as prototypes, and we are planning to further develop and apply SECOND PLYWOOD to various pieces of furniture.

Designer.Susveneer Profile

The maker is well versed in furniture production, sales and distribution. He gave us advice on our product’s marketability and sales, and it was really helpful. In addition, we were able to create a design with more confidence thanks to the maker’s trust and support. The process of building our product’s prototype has never been easy, however, the whole process, from start to finish, was truly meaningful to us.

Maker.Picasso Furniture Profile

I was impressed with the designers’ hard work and dedication, which led to great achievements in our design and product. Their efforts were really helpful, and I think more attention and support are needed not only for makers but also for designers. We hope to achieve great results and get positive feedback.