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Studio D.O x Acplanet

Folding Chair is a chair that will give new inspiration to your space. Like origami paper and balloons, one of its properties is that it is thin. However, we took a motif from the shape how it creates a lot of volume and created a bold shape by inflating and folding 5 tons of thin acrylic. With this method, we can create acrylic ten times lighter than acrylic of the same thickness, which makes up for the disadvantage of the heaviness of acrylic. Hardened acrylic on the structured chair leg can be fixed without bolt assembly or bonding. Although it is a hard material, the soft curves seem to have a soft texture that makes you want to touch and stimulate the user's curiosity.

Designer.Studio D.O Profile

I was able to meet an experienced maker and try various things. We were able to create a result pretty close to our ideal design, not between the ideal and the reality, thanks to our partner’s quick feedback and the way of working that respects the design. This collaboration made me think about the importance of design quality.

Maker.Acplanet Profile

I enjoyed working with a creative designer. We could collaborate more efficiently through various sketches and flexible communication. It was a valuable experience to meet a designer who could translate our various technologies into a great result
and create a design together by supporting each other.