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Made with the motif of a forgotten traditional Han-Ok, the Han-Ok Dining Chair incorporates the elegant and restrained curves, heavy straight lines, and roof-like shapes of the chairs as essential components of the chair. I hope that the Han-Ok that has entered our daily lives will still retain its dignity, and I look forward to the beautiful appearance of Korean tradition that can be seen at someone's house, not at museums or dramas.

Designer. Profile

Woodist Kwak Dong-cheol had a deep woodworking career at a young age. The most reliable thing about the first meeting I visited the workshop was the appearance of a workshop decorated with various furniture he made himself. Not only was he a person with certain skills, but the story in it came as attractive and I remember appealing to me to form a team with such a artist. In addition, he liked the furniture I suggested and readily agreed to the collaboration proposal. Also, I thought I could expect a good team play this collaboration and afterwards because you responded well to my career.

Maker.Woodist Profile

In order to actually express furniture with good design, I realized good quality by discussing with designer Raan Bang. Through him, he made strong and comfortable furniture while capturing good designs. It was a good experience to get valuable results through collaboration.