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Ikseon Dining Chair is designed with the motif of an almost forgotten tradition, Ikseongwan, the official crown for the kings and crown princes of the Joseon dynasty. The chair incorporates the key elements of Ikseongwan: the elegant curves; the shape resembling the wings of a cicada; and manggeon, a netting headband always worn with Ikseongwan. We hope Ikseongwan, which is brought into our daily lives, can still retain its dignity, and we are looking forward to seeing the beauty of Korean tradition in someone's house, not in a museum or a TV show. AFTER MINUTES takes a lot of inspiration from tradition and expresses various traditions in its furniture. It reinterprets tradition that has disappeared from our lives despite its beauty, brings it into our daily lives to create new inspiration, offers inspiration from tradition and gives the gift of time to users.

Designer. Profile

OUTRO artist Jeongpil Jeon has had an extensive career in carpentry at such a young age and was very passionate about taking part in the fair. His passion is demonstrated by his participation of four different collaborations. Even though we are both working in the field of furniture, we had totally different careers. I thought we would make a perfect team, if I could take charge of design and promotions while the artist could take charge of production. He also gave me positive feedback about the design I proposed and showed great passion for production. I could feel this by seeing the entire process of translating the design into a piece of furniture.

Maker.Outro Profile

We tried to move away from our previous way of working and incorporate new approaches and ways of thinking into our work. In this way, we were able to make further progress in our design, learn from each other’s strengths and identify things to be improved.