Design incorporates objects, people,
ideas based on the small pleasures of everyday life.
Meet your wonderful design world with the DDP Design Fair.

  • Samhwa Paints X OLL & ALL

    Samhwa Paints, Leading the DDP Design Fair with the Color Trend

    Samhwa Paints, Leading the DDP Design Fair with the Color TrendAs one of the leading paint manufacturers in Korea, Samhwa Paints is developing paint colors but also the functions and values of paint based on its technology. Samhwa Paints’ Color Design Center is a professional organization dedicated to color and consists of color experts such as colorists and masters in color science based on design and art majors. Samhwa Paints’ Color Design Center specializes in building exterior, interior, product color development and making suggestions for the color trend. I met Sanghee Lee, the director of Samhwa Paints’ Color Design Center to listen to her thoughts about the 2021 DDP Design Fair and how she feel about participating the fair.“We tried to propose a concept and color that could highlight the identity of the collaboration brand while reflecting the latest trends. Studio OLL & ALL is a brand with great potential that can fit into various concepts since its products combine traditional elements such as wood and handicraft with modern designs. Rather than emphasizing the color itself, we tried to suggest a color that best expresses the material of wood, which is the basic element.”OLL & ALL, Identifying High Demands for Various Colors “I have collaborated with Samhwa Paints under on the direction of the curator who was responsible for the collaboration between a maker or SME and a professional organization dedicated to color. Through this collaboration, I realized that there are high demands for the development of existing designs and the application of various colors. It is too bad that we were not able to collaborate and support on a larger scale due to the short period of collaboration during this fair, however, we would like to work on a collaboration project on a larger scale sometime in the future.”

  • Kim. x Mr. Piggy’s Wood Warehouse

    Reinterpreting reclaimed wood from Hanok with a new perspective

    GAP Lamp is inspired by the gap between the cracks, results of repeated contraction and expansion of reclaimed wood from Hanok, traditional Korean architecture. It expresses the cracks in reclaimed wood of Hanok with three shades. Even users who are not familiar with the cracks in reclaimed wood of Hanok will get to know them naturally after seeing the light emanating from the lamp shade. To express the modest but stylish atmosphere of Hanok, Kim. and Wood Warehouse designed the light to emanate from the upper shade with subtle hairline texture and soft white, painted the underside of the lower shade with a dark green color inspired by the Korean traditional color and added details that can be seen from a closer look. GAP Lamp subtly blends into the user’s space and elevates the mood of the entire space.Kim. is a team of up-and-coming young designers specializing in crafts and industrial design established by Kim Jaehyun in 2020. Kim. designer Jaehyun Kim who was responsible for the product design said that each piece of reclaimed wood had a distinct character, and they were all in different conditions so many things turned out to be different from what he expected while the ideas were translated into a product. That’s why he focused on the cracks — a naturally occurring process — in reclaimed wood during the process of selecting a more suitable reclaimed wood and reflected this aspect in the design. He added that he was able to obtain reclaimed wood with beautiful cracks through active and constant communication with the maker. This helped them finish a lighting product that best represents the cracks in reclaimed wood.Mr. Piggy’s Wood Warehouse CEO Dongjae Kim who was responsible for the product’s manufacturing collects reclaimed wood from Hanok to create various products. He said that it was great to see the efforts of the designer trying to reinvent old things into a modern design based on a young person’s perspective and working as a team to make improvements to make a better product.

  • f square studio x Cenu

    Two-in-one design with a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetic beauty

    f square studio and Cenu started to think about what kind of one-person furniture design would consumers like to buy, especially at a time when working from home is becoming the new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic and designed a very practical one-person table, VANIBLE, that is highly mobile.VANIBLE is a one-person table with storage, which serves as a desk for work when you put the lid down and can be moved around the house easily, and also serves as a dressing table with a mirror when you open the lid. By examining the patterns of how women use their dressing table, f square studio and Cenu found out that most dressing tables are not good for storing items and keeping beauty products organized so they lose their function as a desk as well. They focused on this fact and tried to create a design that solves the problem.The “f square” of f square studio means multiplying form by function. f square studio is a design studio based on the two elements and pursues a maximum of functions with a minimum of form. Its goal is to improve the users’ quality of life based on a simple form and multi-purpose functionality in the fields of space, product and graphics.Cenu, the maker, is an interior design and furniture company with extensive experience, which has developed through small- and large-scale furniture projects by supplying products to various organizations including large corporations and government offices. From imported furniture to custom-made furniture, it provides the best quality and service by focusing on the needs of customers.

  • DSLSM x likethix

    Be Better, Bincense: Clearing the mind and feeling centered with an incense stick

    “Be Better, Bincense.” “Bincense” — an incense holder for your better self — is a product that burns an incense stick and helps you empty your mind of complex thoughts and focus on one important thing. By using the metaphor of “gentle tides and waves” for a person emptying and focusing his or her mind, the design shows the balance between its simple but elegant appearance and eye-catching elements. DSLSM and likethix used metal materials to highlight the features of the design and make the product stand out in the space as an object.DSLSM designer Sungmook Lim said that it was a great pleasure to develop a product with such a wonderful brand, and he tried to design products and content for users by taking various aspects into account and thought about the form of products that needs to be reflected in today’s brands. DSLSM is a studio designing products that are valuable for the society and recently designed a shopping bag with Tyvek. After likethix CEO Jookyu Kim saw the design, he asked likethix to be his partner, wondering how the viewpoint of DSLSM, which creates new values for products, would be expressed in the work with likethix.

  • Studio PLASTIC x Jh Studio

    3D-printed furniture suitable for the era of sustainability and hyper-personalization

    Studio PLASTIC and Jh Studio created “The Butterfly”, which was designed with a motif based on the movement of a butterfly, dynamically fluttering its wings. It features high-degree curves in the connection of the armrest and backrest. There were some difficulties to shape the curves with the existing production system, however, they could solve this problem with 3D printing. This project helped them discover the potential of furniture manufactured by a small business based on the collaboration between a maker specializing in 3D printing technology and a small design studio. Even a complicated design can be implemented without large-scale facilities. It is also possible to reduce or expand the production capacity with more flexibility. Storage and labor costs can drop dramatically but also eco-friendly production is possible. It is considered as a process suitable for the era of hyper-personalization. Studio PLASTIC designer Sido Kim said that he could find out advantages and disadvantages of 3D printing production and get crucial help establishing a process to respond to new business models since Jh Studio has 3D printing technology, the knowledge of materials and the knowhow of various modeling and implementation methods. Jh Studio CEO Joonha Hwang who was responsible for the product’s manufacturing said that Studio PLASTIC always surprised him with its fresh approaches and ideas so he learned a lot of new things. He added that he will continue to improve the problem with a new 3D printing program.

  • Studio ODD SCENE x frankly design studio

    A new value based on a new circular economy system

    As a designer and artist, Studio ODD SCENE and frankly design studio wondered what they can do about environmental pollution, which has become a key social issue, came up with an idea about a product based on a new circular economy system instead of plastics and found out food materials that have lost their economic value are being thrown away. That’s how they decided to use bioplastics made from tea leaves that were discarded because of not meeting the quality requirements to create a product with a metaphor of “Korean traditional tile roof”. When used individually, it can be used as a tray. When stacked together, it can be made into a stool, bench or partition and customized in various sizes according to the client's request.Designer Junyoung Moon said that it was a pleasant experience to solve a problem based on a new approach, bioplastics, especially at a time when he was interested in environmental issues and upcycled design. It was an experience that made him think about the future when the discarded materials would be thrown away again someday, not just about the discarded things being recycled. frankly design studio CEO Hyungho Park who was responsible for the product’s manufacturing said that he wanted to study more about environmental issues other than plastics and create a design based on a circular economy that has a Korean look and new values and stories and also visually and physically appealing. He added that he really enjoyed the collaboration by working with a designer who could understand him really well.

  • iamHERE x Designer Eunchong Park

    Creating a unique product with a combination of different materials and the contrasting elements of balance and imbalance

    iamHERE, a K-furniture Platform, and designer Eunchong Park came together to develop a lighting design that can serve as an object and a piece of lighting as well. Designer Eunchong Park who majored in metal craft specializes in large metal crafts and creates pieces of furniture or lighting that look like artistic objects. This product is based on his design philosophy, “objects of function”, and its pillar and wing are created in a beautiful shape based on Korean traditional proportions in line with iamHERE’s K-furniture slogan. For the light source, a LED bar is applied to the connection between the pillar and the wing with a slot, which softly illuminates the space. In addition, one side is decorated with gold foil to emphasize its elegance as a piece of lighting that stays in your life as a companion so that it could spice up the space and feature a luxurious interior.Designer Eunchong Park has been collaborating with iamHere to produce furniture. He said that it is meaningful to also develop lighting products together. iamHERE has provided overall assistance in the entire collaboration process including mass production and strategies for commercialization. iamHERE CEO Hyewon Jung said that it is always a pleasure to work with designer Eunchong Park, who always tries to find the beauty of form within balance and imbalance and studies ways to combine metal and a variety of materials. She said she expected that unique products created by domestic designers will gradually dominate the market, instead of foreign products designed by high-end brands, if this kind of lighting products gets developed.


    Reinterpreting discarded marble offcuts into a creative design

    round and LE MARBLE designed the “Building” line that pursues sustainability with discarded marble offcuts. It is a furniture design that introduces a modular system to give off the feeling of craft and industry at the same time with all different kinds of marble with various colors. The round metal pipe inside holds the structure together, and the donut-shaped modules are inserted into the pipe in any order you like, giving each table a different look. The flow and balance stand out when several colors are combined together. The modular system of the “Building” series has infinite possibilities and can be used not only as a dining table but also as a side table or sofa table depending on the combinations you choose. They tried to bring out the natural beauty without polishing the traces of laser processing left after cutting marble.round designer Jisun Kim said that the collaboration made her realize the potential and charm of marble. She added that it was a great opportunity to study the processing method and to create a valuable design using discarded marble based on the message of sustainability. LE MARBLE designer Yeonjin Kim said that she always thinks about and studies the material of natural marble, which is not easily accessible, to show its various possibilities. It was a great opportunity to deliver the message of sustainability without difficulty in collaboration with the artist Jisun Kim who researches a variety of materials.