Theme Hall

Korea's representative design launching fair focused on urban manufacturing industry

Korea's representative design launching fair focused on urban manufacturing industry

We discover competitive designers and small business owners across
Seoul and support their design, branding, marketing, and finding ways to invigorate.

Establishing Data Base(DB) of design resources for starting business


Collaborating with designers and design companies
in the fields of industrial design, furniture design, editorial design, visual design, etc.

Business platform

비즈니스 플랫폼 도형이미지

What we aim for

The ddp Design Fair is where the industry and design meet and it enhances design competitiveness of small business owners, provides designers with opportunities to develop new products, and brings out not only individual development but also a better life for citizens.

  • Collaboration in design with small business owers and the young entrepreneurs providing an original design

    Enhancing competitiveness

  • Offering opportunities
    to local designers for launching and promoting their porducts

    Offering opportunities
    to develop a new product

  • Supporting ways to find a domestic and
    global market by providing business opportunities

    Increase in sale
    of small business designers

  • Presenting global design brands and products, providing information on design trends, and relating young adults, newlyweds, and caring services

    A lifestyle for citizens,
    a festival that makes citizens happy

The ddp Design Fair is the Korea’s representative design launching fair hold at DDP as its base. We hope that it not only revitalizes the urban manufacturing industry and design economy, but also provides the latest Seoul-customized design trends to Seoul citizens every year and makes it a happy festival for all exhibiting products.