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    LOWLIT COLLECTIVE is a repurposing studio that infuses new use into low-lighted objects and spaces. Gathering with a heart of cherishing the open greenness of the sea and the generosity of the soil, we create a sustainable production and consumption community through a virtuous cycle of resources.

    [ Less Plastic ]
    Present a "less plastic lifestyle" so that more diverse people can pay attention to plastic issues and participate in changes. It means that instead of being discouraged by today's limitations, we find and practice what we can do now.

    [ Local Community ]
    We invite local small business owners and consumers as members of the resource circulation community. It leads to co-prosperity by re-examining the history and characteristics of the region and capturing them with design and branding.

    [ Long life Design ]
    LOWLIT COLLECTIVE designs things to stay in the user's life for a long time. We find preciousness in things that are quietly by our side, and put the value we find in our products.