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  • Designer when
    Design studio 'when' designs "how to see time" rather than "watch design." We would like to redefine and expand the clock as a medium that contains time and time view, not just a product that marks only the cut time unit as a scale and number. To practice this brand philosophy, we are conducting timepiece projects.


    2020.03 Established studio when
    2020.10 DDP Design Fair
    2020.11 56th Korea International Design Award | Winner
    2020.12 2021 PINUP Design Award | Best100
    2021.06 Entering design editing shops, including DDP Design Store.
    2021.09 2021 Good Design Selection | Bronze award
    2021.09 Certificated by Global Premium Living Goods Award
    2021.09 DFA Awards | Merit award
    2021.09 ‘studio when’ pop-up store at Garogolmok(Seoul, KR)
    2021.10 Collaborated with ‘Kolamp’ at 2021 DDP Design Fair
    2021.12 Seoul Design Festival
    2021.12 Hong Kong DFA Showcase