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  • Designer The black
    The creative agency <theBlack> proposes creative solutions to all problems that advertisers struggle with. Since its establishment in 2006, <theBlack> has offered creative solutions to advertiser brands in various fields such as art, fashion, finance, IT, education, and medical care, and is currently a creative company that is drawing thousands of success stories. Through theBlack's unique customized process, we always think, think, and practice a total solution that can enhance the brand value of our customers.


    Global Brand & Korea Brand Strategy Planning Consulting, Development Of Promotional Materials.(Identity, Editorial, Advertising, Web, App, Promotion etc.)

    `03 LG Household & Health Care, LG Soccer Team(FC Seoul)
    `04 LG Electronics, LG Cable, LG Industrial Systems (currently LSIS), KT Telecop, KT Powertel
    '05 Doosan Dong-A franchise brand strategy and MKT planning consulting development
    (Dong-A School, Brainy, Kinder Dong-A, Dong-A Home School, etc.)
    '05 Hankook Tire overseas brand strategy promotional material development
    '06 KBS(Korea Broadcasting Corporation), Korea National Oil Corporation, Korea Railroad Corporation corporate brand promotion development
    Plan to participate in domestic brands in the '06 Frankfurt Book Fair
    '08 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul Theater Center brand promotional material development
    '10 CJ Hello Vision, Lotte Duty Free, Lotte World, Korea Broadcasting and Communication Agency
    brand promotional material development
    '11 Domestic IT security specialized company brand strategy consulting & promotional material development
    (Igloo Security, INCA Internet, SECUI, OpenBase, Markany, AhnLab, etc.)
    `12 Pyeongchang Special Olympics brand promotional material development
    `12 Sony (Japan Headquarters) Tablet Global Social Contribution Project Consulting Development
    '14 Children and the future, IPSF (Dream Bus) NGO project project development
    ‘17 Dpure (cosmetics), MB Tech (manufacturing) startup brand consulting
    ‘17 BioLeaders Brand (CI) Renewal Concealing Development
    ‘18 National Health Insurance Service Ilsan Hospital brand advertisement planning
    ‘19 Development of promotional materials for One K Global Campaign Project.
    Participating in the "DDP Design Fair" exhibition with small business owners.
    `20 VirusFighter Brand Consulting Launch
    Small business collaboration platform <Sprise> brand launch
    `21 Korea Society of Consumer Studies website renewal consulting and planning development
    HIMPEL shopping mall consulting and planning development