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  • Designer POI
    Graphic Design Studio Attention POI provides visual media (brand identity, space, virtual media, print design, etc.) design services.
    Designer Hong Joo-hee has been organically working with partners in the graphic design field in Europe and Asia, including Korea, after completing her master's degree in graphic design at the Royal College of Arts (RCA).


    2021 Shinsegae Department Store Science Museum Brand Design
    2021 CJ eau Blanc Design
    2020 Naver Now Animation and Channel Identity Design
    2020 Naver Vibe Design
    2020 Gyeongbokgung Palace Occupant Guide Design Consulting in Seoul
    2020 Seoul Jungnang-gu Rose Alley Design Consulting
    2019 Seoul Women's Relief Brand Design Consulting
    2019 Asian Cultural Center Design Residential Artist
    2019 ID Joy Design Collaboration.
    2018 Toronto City Public Bicycle Map Design.
    2018 Toronto City Park Pathfinding System Design
    2018 UK Kingston University Pathfinding System Design
    2018 UK West Ealing Space Identity Design
    Graduated from the 2017 Royal School of Arts (RCA) in Visual Communication
    2016 Berlin Grosses Treffen ID Design
    2016 Berlin The Mountain Chairs & Valley Chairs exhibition design
    2016 New York Artist Space Identity Design
    2014 Lotte Tower ABNEWL Space Identity Design
    2014 Lotte Department Store's editorial store, identity design
    2013 Lotte Outlet Space Identity Design