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  • Designer these things take time (tttt)
    TTTT operates a design studio and a cafe & roastery.
    The design studio has been conducting brand design, spatial design, and furniture design. ​
    Since 2015, it has been launching and designing personal furniture brands and has been designing, producing, and selling them.
    Starting with a graphic designer, he is now planning and designing furniture, space, and brands.
    Based on his unusual career, he is also running a cafe and coffee roasting business.


    10 years of experience as a designer.
    2015.1 Establishment of PLEAST/Opening of SNS and brand sites.
    2016.1. Re-branding, Furniture & Select Shop & Cafe MMML brand launch.
    2017.0 German select shop (Collect) exhibition and sale.
    Participated in the 2017.0 Home Table Decoration Fair.
    2018.0 Cafe & Showroom space renewal.
    Proposal for design of facade project outside the 2019 Korea Shoe Hall.
    2020 Design "Studio Regular" was established and entered Busan Jeonpometro.
    2020 Design-led Manufacturing Innovation Support Project "Furniture Proposal for Single-person Households"