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  • Designer Park Eunchong
    The 'useful object' began with questions between the purpose of furniture's objects and the willingness to express themselves as creators. It is a formative language that uses the contrast between the vertical and horizontal cross-structures and the characteristics of different materials, and is about imbalance in balance, that is, "double-sidedness."


    2021 GOOD DESIGN KOREA AWARD, Product design, Noran Soban
    2019 Received a Prize, Cheonju International Craft Competition, Cheongju, Korea
    2018 Craft Trend Fair 2018 / Coex, Seoul
    2016 Home Table Deco Fair 2016 / Coex, Seoul
    2016 Craft Trend Fair 2016 / Coex, Seoul
    2015 Seoul/Busan Design Festival 2015 / Coex, Seoul
    2018 B.F.A. Graduate school of Konkuk University (Major in Metal Craft)
    2015 M.F.A. Konkuk University Department of Art and Crafts (Major in Metal Craft)