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  • Designer Pietra Preziosa
    A designer, Yelim Lee launches PIETRA PREZIOSA a fashion brand based in Seoul, South Korea with an ambition to create her own clothes. She pursues minimalistic aesthetics with unique yet not overdone details.


    2020.9/ Launching Pietra Preziosa brand/ Currently operating through its own mall
    2020.1/ Son Jeong-wan/ Worked as a jeans designer in the design team.
    2020.2/ Son Jung Wan's 2020 F/W New York Fashion Show brochure design
    June 2019 at Saks Fifth Avenue, a luxury department store in the United States, and exhibited works.
    2019.5/ 2019 Atlanta SCAD Fashion Show에 참여.
    October 2018 Delta Airlines Design Project / Participated as a team
    - Participated in the U.S. airline Delta Air Lines' new uniform scarf design project to develop and present scarf designs with airline design teams.