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Rather than focusing only on the designs that appear outward, I always think about designs that have not existed before, focusing on practicality, and always try to approach them with new ideas.

DESIGNER ooarchive

ooarchive is a team that solves various values based on industrial design. They pursue simple and concise minimal design and aims for sustainable design and value.


Creka is a visual design agency composed of two visual designers with 20 years of experience. Along with various customers such as government offices and companies, it has expertise in visual design such as brands/posters/packages/promotions. As a hobby, we produce textile products such as embroidery, bags, and pouches.


"OttTae" means lacquered pollack, and works based on lacquer work.

DESIGNER olivelyn

olivelyn make various works using paintings, calligraphy, and flowers and run classes.

DESIGNER Lee Seonghyeon

Detail view


OFFOF think design is "make it minimal, and try", boldly separate what to throw away and what to leave behind from the product and eliminate unnecessary elements. OFFOF focuses on the nature of the product and try newness beyond the existing standard. Off of think about the meaning of a product to people.

DESIGNER A-grid Studio

Kim Tae-in, Oh Ji-hyun, and Lee Yoon-ji of A-grid Studio are design mathematicians who draw grids in the world and study unique formulas. Research the life of objects from production to delivery to users. We aim for a design in which users discover new meanings in their daily lives using various materials.


Studio AZIC creates sustainable objects in everyday life, meaning "still" that a certain condition persists. Our brand wants to exist as an ongoing process in people's daily lives through products that they want to look into constantly. Studio AZIC is responsible for product design and production, and plans to introduce a variety of products from props to furniture.


PAL is a design studio based in Seoul established by two friends, Park and Lee. We see ordinary surroundings into new point of view by friendly design. We suggest design products that gives unexpected pleasures with understanding of aesthetic shape and material.


Sonsisi by JEAE is responsible for bringing life to the leather of discarded small things. It is also a gift for the environment suffering from fabric waste that is thrown away even though it can be used as a brand that contains the meaning of the old word "gift," and a gift for modern people who live buried in "things" that have lost value due to mass production of hundreds or thousands of them a day. As you have done all the processes with your hands without any help from the machine, the small touch of your hands and sincerity will convey laughter to your harsh life.

DESIGNER Diagonal Thoughts

Diagonal Thoughts is a design studio that works at the boundaries of various fields along with architecture through space, design, and thinking. Through collaboration with talented small business owners, we support to develop not only a more delicate and functional but also a meaningful prototype design as a product. I think that not only architecture but also any field can create new possibilities through healthy collaboration.


MARE Glass Studio is deeply interested in crafts such as white porcelain and celadon, which are recognized as traditional Korean artworks, and presents works with delicate touch with transparent but not transparent, subtle surface treatment of Korean beauty through modernization of traditional Korean crafts and differentiation of glass materials.

DESIGNER The black

The creative agency <theBlack> proposes creative solutions to all problems that advertisers struggle with. Since its establishment in 2006, <theBlack> has offered creative solutions to advertiser brands in various fields such as art, fashion, finance, IT, education, and medical care, and is currently a creative company that is drawing thousands of success stories. Through theBlack's unique customized process, we always think, think, and practice a total solution that can enhance the brand value of our customers.

DESIGNER null studio

[null studio] is a creative group that values and defines a new or already existing object. [null] means the term for a number 0 or undefined value.

DESIGNER Younggyu Kwon

Younggyu Kwon likes the loose mindset that lingers in people's attitudes, when dealing with something that seems to have been made easily. Apart from the various processes and efforts that actually involve, he wants to create something that implies an unexpectedness that can be discovered someday while communicating with users in an easy and comfortable manner under the theme of "Easy Made."

DESIGNER niceworkshop

'niceworkshop' explores the physical properties of materials and considers them to be transformed and expanded into a variety of furniture.

DESIGNER Design 808

Design should be practical, simple and clear to understand, away from simply being pretty and colorful. It is designed to comfort people who are tired of daily life and convey messages and meanings to the world. It plays a role in touching and laughing for someone. We are designers who change the way we see someone's world with small thoughts and ideas, and we are designing with an emphasis on living products.

DESIGNER Found Founded

C) Found Founded Designer
F) Industrial Designer, Network Division, Samsung Electronics

Found Founded Designer

DESIGNER tailyard

tailyard designs and produces general furniture and art furniture.