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Sunmin,Park x Grigo Glass Studio

There are various types of glass and even if it is melted and attached together, it breaks when cooled if the expansion coefficient is not equal. Glass containers that are imported from abroad are all produced at different factories, and it is difficult to find out their respective expansion coefficients. Therefore, a reprocessing method was selected through cold working, and a method of attaching different glasses with an adhesive was chosen.
Furthermore, we conceived a design that can be developed by reprocessing one bottle in terms of utilization by focusing on zero waste. “Re: Bottle- Spinning series” cup design, that melts the upper part of the bottle and wind it up around the lower part through the blowing method. It means that resources circulate and they spin around us.

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The “Re: Bottle” work, which has been underway as one of the “Artist Up-cycling Project” since 2014, is to change shapes of glass by reprocessing glass containers that disappear after being used once. It started with the idea of giving a new function by combining the technical methods I learned in my major and creative ideas as an artist. In the course of the project, various results are produced based on research on sustainable use and attempts to combine with other materials with a focus on formative aesthetics and functions.

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Starting with metal crafts, I now run a glass workshop and a glass studio. It's been about 20 years since I started glass work, and I'm running a workshop with my wife. Grigo Glass Studio is the largest private glass studios in Korea and has blowing facilities, lampworking kilns of various sizes, and various grinding facilities. The spacious space is used as a rental workshop for various artists.

video. [Designer] DDP Design Fair Interviewㅣ
video. [Maker] DDP Design Fair InterviewㅣGrigo Glass Studio