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  • Maker Grigo Glass Studio, Tae Sung Yoon
    Starting with metal engineering, I am currently operating a glass workshop named Grigo Glass Studio, and it has been about 20 years since I started glass crafting, and I am running this workshop with my wife. Grigo Glass Studio is the largest private glass studio in Korea, and we have glass blowing facilities, various sizes of kilns, and various abrasive facilities for lamp-walking. We are using a large space as rental workshops for various artists. I dream of a self-satisfied work creation by producing and designing good work that I can recognize myself.


    <Work Experience>
    2010 Daejeon Institute of Science and Technology Instructor for Department of Jewlrey Design / Kookmin Graduate School of Design Instructor
    2001~02 Toolbar Glass workshop researcher
    2006 Blue Square Gallery_solo exhibition
    More than 80 group exhibitions
    Sculpture production
    2001 JB/Miso (Apgujeong) Interior sculptures, tiles production
    2010 Making Interior Lighting Glass at Kyobo Bookstore in Jongno
    2008 Construction of 7 and 14 blocks sculpture (glass section) at Gwangju Hyunjin Evervill
    2005 Production of Outdoor Sculptures of Castle Tower in East Suwon
    2001 JB/Miso (Apgujeong) Interior sculptures, tiles production
    2012 2nd Ceramics Contest Bronze prize and Toyama Special prize
    2010 Ongoeul Art Exhibition prize
    2001 KANAZAWA Glass Contest prize and many others

Grigo Glass Studio, Tae Sung Yoon